Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Missing that creamy crack...

Currently in week 12 of a 16 week stretch and I am really fighting the urge to relax. My hair is just so unmanageable and unkempt! Not to mention detangling takes longer as I get further into this stretch.

If I want to wear my hair out thats fine, I can still pincurl and/or crosswrap and it looks presentable, most people dont even notice that I have all that new growth going on. However, I am trying to protective style as much as possible to prevent my hair from rubbing on my scarves and coats so I cant leave it out every day. My go-to protective styles are buns and ponys but when I do that my roots are exposed in all their kinky curly glory and I look like I NEED a relaxer. Sigh.

Tonight I am going to braid my hair and then try a faux-bob braidout in the morning..hopefully that works. If I dont get some more styling options soon I may reach for the creamy crack sooner than I wanted to!

One thing is for sure, this will be my last long stretch, after this I will only stretch for 10-12 weeks.



  1. omg i'm so going through this right now! lol I'm at week 12 and I wanna relax my hair so bad! I'm literally fighting the urge to slather the creamy stuff on my unruly new growth! haha

  2. well as you can see I ended up relaxing the next day, I couldnt hold out any longer! lol