Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wash Day: 10/23/11

Last Sunday I tried a new wash technique. For the first time I detangled prior to washing, as well as washed in sections. I secured these sections by plaiting the hair and placing goody ouchless bands at the ends to prevent the plaits from unravelling.

'Hair in plaits'

    'Close up of banded ends'

Would I do this again? Yes but with some tweaks..

While it did make setting my hair easier I still believe I lost almost the same amt of hair detangling post wash as I usually do. I think this was because the hair near my scalp still somehow managed to get slightly tangled. Also, and it may just be mind over matter but although I know I thoroughly washed my scalp it still feels a tad dirty.

I think I will take a look at the hairlista forums and discussions on washing in sections and then maybe try this again. Although my roots were tangled the hair that was plaited and banded was practically tangle free. This suggests that once I get my roots under control I should lose less hair on wash days.

Which leads me to this..I am ending my stretch early. It's just not worth it. My natural hair is really thick and I just cannot manage it anymore. Although I really wanted to hold out until my birthday to relax I'm tired of dealing with my two textures. I am also really concerned about some of the breakage I'm seeing and I know its probably due to stretching this long. I already bought my ORS Normal Relaxer system and hopefully I recover enough from this darned cold to relax tomorrow night :) I'm so excited!! I hope I'm at APL now!

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