Monday, October 17, 2011

Wash Day Revelations

I am currently in week 10 of a 16 week stretch, and I REALLY need to need to up my washes back to every 4-5 days instead of every 7. The last 3 weeks I only washed once a week and definitely paid the price. The amt of hair that I lost yesterday while detangling.... :(

On the bright side I tried a crosswrap for the first time and it came out pretty good! I'm really happy as doing a regular full head wrap is way too much manipulation once I hit that 6 week mark. Now I know I can get my hair straight during the later stages of my stretch.

I also need to revamp my moisturizing blend for my new growth, the castor oil is way too thick for me to spread it properly and it inevitably gets on my ends and weighs them down. I may mix it with my s curl and see how that goes.
I am also retiring my coconut oil and using extra virgin olive oil as my sealant until it warms up again. Coconut oil has a tendency to harden in cold weather so I dont want to risk using it and going outdoors in cold weather. I will probably still use it to pre-poo.

And last of all I have decided to try and reduce the amount of shedding I am having. while it just might be seasonal shedding I prefer toassume the worst and try a couple black tea rinses than just leave it be and end up bald lol

Til nxt time!

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