Saturday, November 19, 2011

Black Girl Red Hair

So lately I've been thinking about dying my hair red...well not dye but a rinse. This has been the first time in years that my hair is its natural dark brown/black color (the last time I bleached it was Spring 2010) and to be honest its getting a little boring. 

My 'blonde' hair in 2008


The last time I had red hair was waaay back in 2007 I think its about time I revisit this. I'm thinking of probably using the color from this blog. My only issue is that the majority of my bleached hair has grown out, meaning the color won't be very bright. So I also took a look at her blog on bleaching your hair at home. This one i'm a little iffy about as I don't want to mess the health of my hair up..I may just get it professionally done when I go home. Either that or I may only do it in my bang area as I keep the hair there short in anycase. 
Of course this is all on hold until I get a handle of my moisture overload. Although Tuesday's hard protein did a lot to stop the breakage I was experiencing I'm still not out of the woods yet. My hair is still pretty stretchy/elastic and I'm still seeing a little breakage. Today I used the Aphogee 2 min Reconstructor followed by a 'light' condition with V05 Moisture Milk so hopefully that helps. 

Inspiration...never mind that my hair won't be this bright!

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