Sunday, November 13, 2011

Book Review: Beautiful Black hair by Shamboosie

This book was mentioned by a fellow hairlista with regard to its information on how to do a corrective relaxer. Since I have all intention of doing my corrective myself I decided to purchase it as I need all the advice and tips I can get. I was also interested in seeing what other tips and tricks he may have had for growing healthy black hair. Boy was I disappointed....

I did get a couple new tips from this book, such as squeezing as much water as possible out of my hair before applying shampoo and conditioner to reduce dilution of the product. This was something I already did prior to applying my conditioner but now I'll try it with my shampoo applications as well. I also learned that no-lye relaxers are apparently the devil's handiwork -_- Now while he never actually stated it in those words, he sure got his point across that he believes no-lye relaxers are incredibly drying and just generally easier on your scalp but not good for your hair. I planned to switch to lye in anycase as I am tired of being under-processed so this was a bit of a moot point for me.

Dislikes...where to begin...

This book was published in 2002, before the natural hair revolution which I believe jumpstarted black women taking a more invested approach to the health of their hair. I assume that maybe thats why he advocated getting trims every 6-8 weeks and relaxers every 6 - 8 weeks as well. of course now we know that trimming every 6 weeks can result in no visible growth as hair is being trimmed at the same rate as the hair is growing. We also know that stretching relaxers to 8-10, or 12 weeks or even longer can also be beneficial to the hair.

Shamboosie also seemed to support other practices that I don't agree with, such as greasing the scalp regularly or relaxing hair every 3 -4 weeks to keep short hairstyles looking good. A lot of mention was made of hot combs, flat irons and curling irons when imo roller setting or airdrying should be pushed by any hairdresser who is seeking to promote healthy hair. I don't care who says what, there is no way to apply direct heat to your hair on a regular basis without damaging it. And by regular I mean more than once or twice a month. The book was also extremely heavy on product placement and I'm actually wondering if maybe he was sponsored by Dudley's or Nexxus, whose humectress conditioner he refers to as 'The Magic Potion'.

Overall I don't feel like I got much out of this book. Hairlista and Long Hair Care Forum have both been much more informative to me. Practices such as moisturizing and sealing, baggying and acv rinses which have been so helpful to me were not mentioned at all in this book. Also there was no detailed info on protein moisture balance. I found that he was suggesting using protein reconstructors and moisturizing conditioners without telling the readers how to tell which one their hair may need. He also referred to shedding as 'losing 50-100 short or long strands per day', now last time I checked if you were losing short pieces of hair thats breakage, not shedding and needs to be addressed.

I am highly tempted to return this book...I feel like I paid money for something that was less informative that the free Hairlista website...maybe Sunshyne should write a black hair care book, now that I would buy!

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