Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Moisture Overload Update/Aphogee Review

I think my hair dilemma has been solved...

Last night I clarified with my Ion shampoo then applied Aphogee 2 step reconstructor...which smells awful btw. I let it sit for about 45 mins until it was dry and hard before rinsing it out with warm water per the instructions. At this point my hair felt 'squeaky' clean, as in it made a squeaky noise when I touched a clean dish or summin. So of course at this point I started to panic a little. I applied their moisturizing balance product which helped but my hair still felt a little on the dry side. At this point i was mentally kicking myself for not purchasing Nexxus Humectress at the BSS yesterday, as the only deep conditioner I had was ORS and I didn't want to use another protein product. Thankfully I had some V05 Moisture Milk so I SLATHERED that on until my hair was totally saturated, let it sit for a few mins then rinsed it out.

At this point my hair felt....well..kinda normal so I stopped panicking.

I used a little ORS moisturizer as my leave in and roller set. (I also said a decade of the rosary while waiting for my hair to dry, don't laugh guys I DO NOT PLAY when it comes to my hair!)

I did notice that my hair dried faster than usual, I airdryed my rollerset for the first time in a long while, and within 4 hours the majority of my hair was dry. The last time I tried to airdry my rollers I woke up 8 hours later and my hair was still wet. I did however use 1 and a half inch rollers on my then shorter hair at that time, while last night I used my new 3 inch rollers. However my drying time was still cut down as it usually takes 2 hrs under heat to dry my hair in 2 and a half inch rollers

I'm out of practice with sleeping in curlers so I kept waking up during the night, the last time being at about 6 am, at which point I found that my hair was completely dry and wrapped my hair. 

This morning my hair feels...good...the incessant breakage at my ends has stopped, it doesn't look as weighed down and while I assume its stronger from yesterday's treatment it feels nice n soft. I was relieved at this because that was the one thing I was terrified of, waking up to stiff, breaking hair.  

O and I must say...I put my hair in a high ponytail today and I am loving that the end of my pony now brushes my neck :) my hair hasn't been this long since 2003 guys!

Sidenote: I am still having breakage at the line of demarcation between my texlaxed hair and relaxed hair, primarily at my crown....counting down the weeks (5 left) until i can do my corrective

In closing I think I may start incorporating protein into my regimen, even if its just Aphogee 2 min on relaxer days and then Aphogee 2 step every 6 weeks. I think my hair liked it, and responded well and God knows I do not want a repeat of that moisture overload. Speaking of which, I'm now wondering where on earth I got the idea that I am protein sensitive, seeing as the first time I used a product was three weeks ago and I had no adverse effects....go figure :S

Pics of my 'post-protein hair' are below.