Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My First Setback: Moisture Overload :(

Thats my moisture over there...weighing down the scale :(

Over the last week or so my hair has been shedding more than normal and I keep seeing little broken pieces when I detangle or M & S. I knew something was up but I am/was so positive that I'm protein sensitive that I thought it was because I used the Aphogee 2 min reconstructor during my relaxer.

Then I sat and thought about it...and it just didn't make sense. First off I primarily applied Aphogee to my roots as that was the part of the hair affected by the relaxer, but I was seeing the breakage on my ends. While searching through Hairlista for an answer I realized that what I was experiencing sounded a lot like moisture overload.

For the last month since its been getting colder I upped my moisture regimen in an effort to combat winter dryness before it started which I think is where my problem began. Previously I m&s'ed maybe once between washes as my hair honestly didnt need a lot of moisture..these last few weeks I've been doing it every day. I also started baggying multiple times a week. So it seems that while my hair feels all soft and looks moisturized I may have overdid it..and now its falling out *bursts into sobs*

Ok....ok.. so it may not literally be that much hair coming out but it definitely reminds me of my hair pre-HHJ which is NOT good.

So today I am going to purchase or try to purchase Aphogee 2 step reconstructor and their balancing moisturizer treatment and try to rectify this. I will also only be m&s and baggying when needed and ease off on this pro-active business that is clearly not working for me. Luckily Sunshyne had a personal post http://www.hairliciousinc.com/2009/12/how-i-went-from-sl-to-apl-in-7-months.html which made me realize that while moisture got me to grazing APL my hair may need more protein to get to BSL. I also have a vague memory of reading that often moisture is what our hair is missing the most when we first start our HHJ and once this is rectified we can switch to a more balanced moisture-protein regimen.

Sigh..just when I thought I had my reggi all figured out :S

Anyways, I really hope I can fix this before it makes my ends see through...wish me luck!


  1. WAIT! Wait! LoL. Did you try applying the regular 2-min protein treatment to your ends? You said you just applied to your roots. Your hair might be overmoisturized, but not so much that you need something as strong as the two-step, especially if you're protein sensitive.

    Start with the 2-min first (the one you already have). Perhaps get some of the green tea reconstructor leave-in by ApHogee as well to use in between conditions.

  2. What if I said it was too late :( lol. I already did the protein treatment...drying in a rollerset as we speak. Not a lot of hair came out while detangling and my hair still feels moisturized so...so far so good....