Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November Hair Goals

I am really going to go hard this November. Seriously. I want to see my hair past the APL line by the end of this year. I am on a mission people! BSL in time for my graduation in May next year and I am determined to succeed!

So for this month I will:
1) Do scalp massages everytime I wash my hair.
2) Apply JBCO on wash days from wks 1-4 post relaxer then 2x a week for weeks 6 til
3) Baggy regularly (as often as needed) to ensure the cold weather doesnt dry my ends out
4) Take msm, biotin and my other vitamins at LEAST three times a week
5) Protective style 80% of the time
6) Drink more water
7) Excercise regularly

I also have a new rule for this Fall/Winter which is that unless its a special occasion, i.e. clubbing, dinners or grad pics I will not be wearing my hair down. Hopefully this protects my ends as well.

Remember folks length retention is just as important as your growth rate so its important to baby those ends and keep them nice and moist!.
Wish me luck :)


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