Friday, November 4, 2011

Roller Sets

                                                           One of my early rollersets

I got a question on Hairlista today about how I do my rollersets. I decided to do a mini blog on this as its easier to include pics and videos on blogspot than hairlista.

First off I'll say that I roller set my hair every single time I wash it. I dislike how my hair looks and feels when I air dry and imo there is NO substitute for that lovely bounce and swang you get from a rollerset! My hair also looks full and the strands themselves look smoother than when I air dry.

After washing my hair I squeeze some of the water out and add a quarter sized amount of ORS Moisturizing Lotion to my damp (not wet) hair, concentrating on my ends.

I then section and rollerset my hair in the 'mohawk' method (see video below). I use roughly 8 of my 2 and a half inch diameter black rollers and 2 to 4 of my 1 and a half inch rollers (the purple ones seen above). I secure these rollers with claw clips.
I detangle my hair one section at a time, as in I section off enough hair for one roller and then detangle that portion. I use a conair detangling comb and then another conair comb with slightly narrower teeth. It is natural that your hair will begin to air dry while you are rollersetting, however one of the secrets to a good rollerset is that the hair should be wet when placed on the roller. As a solution to this I keep a spray bottle filled with water handy and when I come across a section that is too dry for a good rollerset i spray it until it becomes wet again.

Please note that this video should only be used as a guideline for roller placement. I do not use a comb with teeth that fine, as well as she is combing the client's hair improperly. You should always detangle moving up a section and not from the roots down as she's doing. The negative results of that can be seen in the amount of hair left in her comb.

It currently takes me 2 hours to dry my hair under this Gold n Hot dryer pictured below. The longer and thicker your hair is, and the smaller the rollers you use, the longer it will take to dry.

I would like to buy myself a dryer that does the job faster, but until then I am bracing myself for 2 1/2 to 3 hour dryer sessions once I get to my goal of BSL :S. One of the cons of having longer hair I guess!

Pics from last night's rollerset can be seen below :)
Can you see the mohawk down the middle?

Side view

After take down

Then I wrapped it and went to bed.
Hope this helped!

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