Thursday, November 17, 2011

What do you do to your hair? Part II: Bedtime Ritual

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I believe that the changes I have made in my bedtime hair ritual were responsible for a lot of the more immediate improvements I noticed in my hair when I started my HHJ.

Prior to June I had the bad habit of using a satin scarf to sleep maybe only 50% of the time. Especially if I knew I had a hairdresser appt in a few days I would totally disregard my scarf and just plop my head onto my cotton pillowcase. I also wrapped my hair most nights which caused enough stress on its own, and I'm actually really surprised that I never experienced any breakage on my left side.

When I decided to get this HHJ cracking I committed myself to sleeping with a satin scarf every single night. And knowing myself and my penchant for coming home from parties and just collapsing on the bed I went one step further and bought myself a satin pillowcase as well :) I'm proud to say that since June I have NEVER slept with my hair unprotected, yaay me!! *pats back* I also taught myself to pincurl and eased up on the wrapping. As a matter of fact pincurling is my go to sleep style now with wrapping mostly reserved for the first night after I wash and rollerset. This also has a little to do with personal preference as I prefer the waves I get from pincurls as opposed to the blahness of straight hair.

I saw a difference in my hair almost instantly. My hair stayed moisturized and felt smoother and softer. Its funny how I didnt realize just how much damage cotton pillowcases did until I switched. This would be one of my first recommendations to anyone starting out on a HHJ, protect your hair at night!

Also, be sure that when purchasing satin or silk scarves, pillowcases etc that you pay attention to the tag on the item and its quality. For example satin scarves are not actually made of satin materal, but polyester or nylon. The term 'satin' refers to the way the fabric is woven. Your scarf/pillowcase should have a shiny or glossy side and a dull side.

O and good news..My HHJ is rubbing off on my momma who just purchased her first satin pillowcase! I guess sending her my update pics have paid off as she is turning into a believer :)

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