Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2012 HHJ Goals

These are my goals for the next year of my HJ

1) Continue to stretch for 10-12 weeks at a time.

2) Do a big trim at the end of the 6 mths to remove bleached ends and even out 'V' into a 'U'

3) Full APL Feb 2012

4) Full BSB May 2012

5) BSL Dec 2012

6) Get my moisture/protein balance in check! i.e. incorporate more protein

7) Purchase a high quality dryer, caruso steam rollers and three Hercules Sagemann seamless combs.

8) Continue to abstain from direct heat

9) Deep condition with heat more often (hair feels better than when I dc without)

10) Remain consistent with all the healthy hair practices I have been doing, i.e. dusting regularly, deep conditioning, proper detangling, satin scarves etc

11) Continue to give my nape the tlc it needs

12) Stay on track with my vitamins and water intake!

Sounds simple enough right? I hope I make all these goals. Considering that my lead hairs, or rather the tip of my 'V' is already heading towards BSB I shouldn't have a problem making my length goals. Seeing as BSL was my ultimate goal technically my HHJ could be over in about a year. Unless mid back length starts looking more appealing lol. It really depends on how much time and product it takes to do my hair once it gets to full BSL.

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