Thursday, December 29, 2011

December Trim: The Aftermath

So let's talk about my salon experience....

My appointment was at 11am and I got there a few minutes late. I didn't have to wait at all and was quite pleased that I was out of there by 11:15am. My shampoo went well, my scalp got a lovely vigorous scrub with her fingertips and not fingernails, so no complaints there.

Blowdrying....thats another story. Now I know that my hair, because of the damaged ends is prone to tangling and not the easiest to work through at the moment. HOWEVER common sense should dictate that when detangling you move from the ends of the hair up. This grl was most haphazard, sometimes detangling properly, sometimes going from the top down and then wondering why my hair kept getting tangled. Now at this point I was ready to spazz out on her, as I know that when I take my time and properly detangle my hair there is minimal to no tugging, pulling or wrestling with tangles and knots...and since I had washed and detangled up to 7 days prior with no major issues the problem there was clearly her technique! (My scalp still feels pretty tender now).

Then onto the trim and flat iron.

I told my hairdresser that I just wanted a trim, and did not want the 'V' in my hair evened out. I went on to explain that my hair just grows like that and to even it out would mean cutting off more than what I was ready to part with. Her response? 'Ok then, so leave the 'V' and just do a trim'.

Needless to say I left there with a blunt cut :S. Now while I did say I was going to get my hair blunt cut I didn't plan to do that til May 2012. I'm also upset that she did it and said nothing, as I'm sure that she must have noticed that my hair was no longer V shaped.

Anyways...below left I have my Dec relaxer results with a red line to show where my hair is now. I use a mole I have on my back as a marker (its circled in red and visible in the photo on the left). I know she didnt cut more than was needed...mostly...but I really wish she had left my V shape alone, I miss my tail! O well...guess I just got a headstart on my 2012 Hair

Sidenote: My hairdresser was pleased with my switch to lye relaxer and told me I need to watch my moisture as my hair was a bit dry...presumable due to the 6 inches that were relaxed with ORS no lye. Guess there's a co-wash and moisturizing dc in my near future..


  1. I hate when a stylist does something you were not expecting! That being said, it looks great and is still hanging on your back!

  2. cosign! I definitely think she cudve given me a good trim and still left it in the v...couldve been worse tho, at least i'm not back to sl or some craziness like that

  3. WHAT? You MUST'VE said SOMETHING to her afterwards, there's no way I would've let her just get away with ruining the look I wanted...ugh, why do "stylists" completely ignore the wishes of the customer? Customer's always right, why is that such a difficult concept?

    Well, on the bright side, your hair looks very healthy with the cut and it doesn't look like you've lost too much length.

  4. i didn't realize what she did until i got home and took a pic, and by then it was too late. I'm not sure if she took what i said to mean not to even out my hair to the shortest layer (which is at sl) or what. Definitely going to have to be more specific the next time i go in for a salon trim...which hopefully wont b until June.

    I'm still pleased with the trim overall as she took off the bare minimum and my hair looks and feels healthier.

  5. Hi Rana ITA agree with the other ladies. I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I would have been upset too!! Your hair still really does look AWESOME!!!