Monday, December 5, 2011

Hair Blather

Just finished doing a search and destroy...thankfully didn't find too many split ends, they were mostly concentrated in my bang area. I think this is probably because I neglected to trim/dust there properly since my last trim in June.

But my big confession right now is.....I'm going to relax at 6 weeks post *bbm ashamed face*. What happened to stretching? I had already planned to make this stretch a short one (8 weeks) due to the fact that I have to do a corrective relaxer. BUT then I took a look at all the crap I would have to tote home (I'm going to Trinidad for Christmas break), taking up valuable suitcase space. Between the relaxer, protein treatment, neutralizer, gloves....thats kind of a lot esp when added to all the other hair stuff I have to pack (rollers, clips, shampoo, conditioner etc)

Also, my texlaxed roots are still bugging me. They tangle easily, feel dryer than the rest of my hair and I keep seeing breakage particularly at my crown where my hair is thickest. So for these reasons I will be relaxing sometime later this week.

I'm not gonna lie tho...I will miss that 'moment' after a long stretch when you finally relax and 'bam your hair is 2 inches longer :( . I also wanted to be full APL the next time I relaxed...

Anyways...look out for my final relaxer update for 2011, Coming Soon!

        Inspiration for my next goal (taken from google images) ....March 2012 here I come!

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