Thursday, December 1, 2011

Red Hot RedHead ;)

Ok, so its not a really bright red but I'm liking it all the same! It really took on my ends as expected but it also gave the rest of my hair a nice plum 'glow'. I would definitely try this rinse again, and I think I may try to keep my hair this shade until the new year. These pics aren't very good, never mind that I got up close and personal with a lamp to try and show you guys could see how the color looks on the darker portions of my hair. Ah well...judging from all the compliments I've been getting it looks great in real life :D

I didnt have any issues with product application although I deviated a bit from the instructions. I clarified and dc'ed with ORS replenishing conditioner then towel/blow dried. I then saturated my hair with the rinse and sat under heat for 30 mins. Instead of shampooing my hair again I co-washed with V05 moisture milk then roller set as usual. 

Sidenote: the rinse WILL get everywhere. By the time I was done my bathroom looked like I had murdered an Oompa Loompa in there, orange and red EVERYWHERE! Thankfully it cleaned up okay.