Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hair Blather

Sitting here with Aphogee 2 step drying on my hair so I decided to update you folks on whats been going on with my hair these last couple weeks.

My hair and I have not been getting along lately. I tried switching out my usual shampoo and leave in/daily moisturizer and she was just NOT having it.

My first switch was from head and shoulders to a 'regular' shampoo. I have been alternating between Kerapro and Motions moisturizing shampoos and I thought things were going well. Then this week my scalp started itching. I do not have dandruff so I think I may be having an allergic reaction to one of those shampoos :(

I also tried switching from ORS moisturizer to NTM Silk Leave In. My hair didn't like that either. I had to start m&s-ing everyday which is something I never had to do while using ORS. Also, my hair has less slip post-wash which makes it harder to detangle. It also hasn't been taking my rollersets properly and feels really dry. My initial problem with the ORS moisturizer was that if I used I between wash days it made my hair go from not moisturized to feeling heavy/coated. However, in light of the absolute failure of NTm as my leave in I have decided to switch back to ORS and see if the NTM can be used for moisturizing between wash days.

Otherwise all is well with my hair and I'm working on staying on track with my vitamins, dc-ing, protective styling and protein-moisture balance. I wanna be grazing BSB after my next relaxer which will be done at 10 weeks post.

I'm also back from my vaction so I'll be posting more regularly now :)

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