Monday, January 30, 2012

Haircare Bloopers Tag

I was tagged by Ebony over at Longing 4 Length. so without further ado here are my top 3 haircare bloopers!

1)Not listening to my hair.
This most recently resulted in my protein overload. Silly me did a protein treatment on a 'schedule' instead of because my  hair needed it and it was disastrous! 5 washes later my hair is finally starting to recover and I have learnt my lesson (I think). Instead of trying to be so proactive with my hair i'm going to lean more on the reactive side and do treatments etc as needed

2)Double processing
I love how highlights look on me, and a couple years ago I decided to take it one step further and basically go blonde. The color looked fab BUT my hair started shedding like crazy! Every time I manipulated my hair it would literally break off in my hand. I would sweep/swiffer my bathroom floor before bed and within 24hrs it would be littered with hair again :( This was sort of a double blooper as I also wasnt deep conditioning regularly. Thankfully my hair didnt all fall off and its still nice n thick and (almost) peroxide free

3)Not speaking up (my Dec hairdresser appt)
I knew better than to let my hairdresser rake and yank thru my hair, from root to tip no less, with the blowdryer attachment. Thankfully I didnt lose a lot of hair, or suffer a setback, but I had a terrible headache for the next 24 hrs or so after my appointment. I really need to learn how to speak up for myself, before my silence costs me some hair!

That's all for now and hopefully I don't end up adding to that list this year, lol.


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