Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Less is More

That's my new motto for my hair regimen.

First it was moisture I have a slight protein overload...clearly my hair is trying to tell me I'm doing too much! In the earlies I stuck to my tried and true H and S shampoo, ORS conditioner and moisturizer with occasional baggying AS NEEDED and my hair was happy. Then I started experimenting and trying baggying daily, Aphogee, NTM leave in etc etc all of which my hair doesnt seem to really be feeling.

Actually let me clarify...NTM my hair clearly proven this week when I tried using it as a daily moisturizer to no avail. Aphogee....well it worked great the first time I used it, the second time not so much as evidenced by the breakage I've been seeing since my protein treatment last week. In the case of the Aphogee, and baggying (which caused my moisture overload) I think I need to take a more reactive role. I got a lil too proactive trying to do things on a schedule, instead of basing my regimen on what my hair needed. Honestly...if I had thought it through and considered how dried out my hair was over my vacay I would have known better than to do a protein treatment so soon after.

O live and you learn...

For the next week or so my regimen will be moisture based to get my hair balanced again...after which I will go back to my early bare bones regimen.


  1. Its SO hard to get the right m/p balance! I realize my hair is so much healthier now that I use protein more often - but its certain products. My hair hated NTM also. Good luck, at least you know what the problem is!

  2. You are so right you live and you earn. In the beginning of my journey i had the toughest time finding out what works for my hair. Now I know for my hair less is truly more.