Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Non Hair Blather

I guess it was inevitable that all this healthy hair care would eventually extend to other areas of my life....

During the first couple months of my hair journey I would wonder, if I'm doing all this for my hair...can't I also put some effort into my skin and overall fitness?

It also just so happens that I will be heading back home next month to participate in Carnival (google 'Trinidad Carnival') meaning I NEED my body to be looking good by then!

So far this is what I've been up to;

I decided to try the oil cleansing method (OCM). I have had issues with my skin for about 10 years now and nothing I've tried has worked. Not proactiv, or acne aid, or phisoderm. Last year my dermatologist prescribed retin-a and duac and told me to switch my facial cleanser to purpose. I honestly just could not afford those prescriptions so I scrapped that, but I continued to use the purpose cleanser with an occasional MUAC peel in an effort to fade my dark marks. I was still having the occasional breakout, and then I heard about oil cleansing. I started doing it about 3 days ago and so far so good. I havent had any 'sebum plugs' pop out of my face as other users described (gross i know) but my skin looks smoother and feels softer....and my pores look smaller, yaay!
Right now my routine is to do OCM at night and in the mornings wash my face with water only and tone with a acv mix. I have heard that some people get really bad breakouts about 3 weeks into doing OCM so I am still hesitant to recommend this. Check me back next month and see if I'm still raving about it lol.

I used to be anorexic looking skinny. Then college came along and somehow I ate my way from about 115 to 135 lbs. It's pretty ironic that after wanting to gain weight for most of my life, when I finally do it turns out to be 'bad' weight, as in most of it ended up on my tummy :(. So I have decided that I need to lose this fat, tone up then hopefully get bigger by building muscle. Every day for the last couple weeks I have been working out to either Jillian Micheal's 30 Day Shred or Jillian Micheal's 6 week Abs dvd. I have definitely come a long way as the first time I did the 6 week abs video I got 10 mins in and my legs gave out on me lol. I definitely have to push myself but I know its worth it...and besides I wanna look hot in my costume! (pictured below). I am also changing up my diet a bit, nothing too drastic but just small changes that I think I'll be able to keep up long term. I've started eating more fruit, reaching for low fat alternatives of my fave foods and just generally trying to eat a healthier version of my current diet. So wish me luck guys! I have 3 weeks to lose an inch off my stomach...doable?


  1. You are brave with the OCM. I am terribly acne prone and it did not work for me. I changed my diet and I got rid of my acne which started 8 years ago while I attended university in the US. Adult acne sucks.

    Also, you can get Retin A in Trinidad for significantly less than in the US. Janssen Cilag has a Latin American branch which supplies the Caribbean and South America so you do not pay US prices for the same drug. It is not a generic brand.

  2. @Texlaxednthings I'm playing with TRIBE,

    @Carolyn I've seen two strengths of retin a in trini and actually bought the weaker one, but neither of those was the strength i was prescribed. Also, it doesn't work as well if duac isn't used with it and I couldn't find duac at home. Thnx tho!

  3. Bhaghan's drugs carries pretty much all the strengths, in both the cream and gel forms. We don't have Duac but there is another brand of a clindamycin/benzoyl peroxide product but you would need a prescription. The bad thing about clindamycin, at least for me, was that after a few years of consistent use it no longer worked (7 years). I prefer tea tree oil as my antibacterial in addition to the other OCD habits I've developed--only touch face with clean hands, fresh pillow case and satin bonnet every night, clean makeup brushes after each use and use only mineral foundations.
    Diet can be a big contributor as well. You should make sure you are eating the major colours in fruits and vegetables--reds, dark greens, purples/blues, orange/yellow and whites everyday. It is really important. Dermatologists prescribe external treatments but in reality the pore gets clogged under the surface of the skin. They treat the symptom and not the cause. I control my acne with my diet now. I still use Retin A but for anti-wrinkle purposes.