Sunday, January 29, 2012

Opinions needed!

As mentioned before I will be participating in Trinidad Carnival this year. I have decided that I want to jazz things up a bit and get some clip in extensions. Initially my intention was to diy some clip ins but then I came across this listing.

I know synthetic hair isn't as good as human hair BUT its literally to be worn for 2 days max. So those of you who wear extensions, wigs etc....Do you think this would be a good buy?

Thanks in advance for the help guys!


  1. Synthetic can be okay, especially if it fits your budget better. I think those will be really pretty but its hard to tell if they will have that extra shiny/sleek look. another advantage to human hair is being able to curl it for a natural look. Check hair Stop n' shop, they had some reasonably priced human hair ones when I last checked. For 2 days like you said, if those work well than that's a steal!

  2. These clip ins look good but personally I would make them using some human hair from the BSS. At least that way you can get a good match for your hair colour and texture, you will also be able to use heat on them and reuse them time and time again.

    I made mine using remy quality hair which I purchased for about £25 from my local BSS in 2006 or 2007 and I still have them! They match my hair perfectly.


  3. I say you should invest in a human hair set for the future at least you will have them on hand and know that you are quality

  4. So I discovered that the same seller has human hair clip ins for about $25 so i think I'll go with those instead. At least that way I'll have the option to re use them. Thnx much for the advice!