Monday, January 23, 2012

The Protein Overload Chronicles

When o when will this shedding stop?! Since I realized that I had overdone it on my protein I have had four wash days (I wash every 4-5 days). I clarified every other wash day and dc'ed with Nexxus humectress, evoo and hot 6 oil (on my roots) under heat every wash day.

While my shedding and breakage has slowed considerably I am still seeing a few broken hairs and my strands still pretty much snap when I pull on them instead of 'stretching slightly then snapping'.

I really need this to be over, I am not trying to have to trim again any time soon! Do any of my readers have any suggestions on dealing with protein overload?


  1. Hope that you get it balanced soon! My hair is not protein sensitive so on the rare occasion that I over-do it, a good moisturizing DC does the trick...

    Just continue what you're doing, I'd say.

  2. Darnit I hope you get over this. Moisturizing DC works for me too. Seems like it's working for you so far so just keep it up.

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