Monday, February 6, 2012

Chasing away those Hair-orexic Blues

So I did some thinking and I believe I have come up with a way of distracting myself from my non-full-apl-yet hair.  

First off I made mental note of everything hair-related that I need to be thankful for,

1) My hair is retaining its thickness as it gets longer. Based on posts I've come across on blogs and the hair sites this is something that a lot of people struggle with so I should be glad that my hair has been doing well in this aspect.

2) Although I suffered from both moisture and protein overload in the last 6 months I have not suffered any major setbacks, i.e. huge trims because of it

3) So my hair didn't make it to full APL on schedule...and what.....i'm inches past where i was when I first started my HHJ. It may be growing slowly but its still growing

I think that I've been focusing too much on length checks, as well as I need to spice things up because I really am bored with my hair. I've already tried switching up my hair color with rinses but clearly that hasn't been enough.

So I decided to put myself on a personal protective styling challenge.

At least three times a week I will do protective styles that are not buns or ponytails. These styles all have to protect the front of my hair. I saw a few split ends in that section so apparently in addition to being boring my bun and ponytail routine was messing with my ends. The front is shorter than the back so the ponytail holder usually rubs against the ends of my front sections. Hopefully I'll retain more length from varying my protective styles. I wish I had figured this out months ago as I always wondered why when I dusted I had to dust more in the front than in the back. O I know!

I will also be alternating my protective styling with clip in extensions starting in March, when it warms up a bit and my hair won't be rubbing against my scarves and coat.

I think that the protective style challenge and the clip ins will take my mind off length and also take me out of my hair funk...wish me luck guys!


  1. I'm thinking of making my own clip ins in the near future!

    Good luck with your PSing!!

  2. I've been having the big chop itch lately so I know exactly how you feel. I appeased it a bit by doing a much needed 1 to 2 inch trim to remove thin ends.

  3. Hi Rana...just writing to inform you that I've awarded you with the Kerativ Blog Award. Check it out when you have free time!!