Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Checking in on my 2012 Hair Goals

I intend to check in every other month, just to ensure that I'm sticking to my goals. This is my first check in!

1) Continue to stretch for 10-12 weeks at a time. (relaxed earlyish because of carnival but will have longer stretches for the rest of the year)

2) Do a big trim at the end of the 6 mths to remove bleached ends and even out 'V' into a 'U' (did in December 2011, will do another trim in Dec 2012 to get rid of more of my bleached ends)

3) Full APL Feb 2012 (Made it!)

4) Full BSB May 2012 (just 2 inches away, definitely attainable)

5) BSL Dec 2012  ( 4 inches away, barring any major setbacks I should get there by Sept/Oct :D)

6) Get my moisture/protein balance in check! i.e. incorporate more protein (scratch that, seems like all my hair needs to remain balanced is a light protein weekly, i.e. ORS Replenishing Conditioner)

7) Purchase a high quality dryer, caruso steam rollers and three Hercules Sagemann seamless combs. (got the dryer, caruso steam roller purchase is coming soon, not sure if i really need or want seamless combs anymore...)

8) Continue to abstain from direct heat (going well esp since i have started doing twistouts and flexirod sets)

9) Deep condition with heat more often (hair feels better than when I dc without) (did this every wash day for the yr except for the last 2 as i was in trini)

10) Remain consistent with all the healthy hair practices I have been doing, i.e. dusting regularly, deep conditioning, proper detangling, satin scarves etc (on track)

11) Continue to give my nape the tlc it needs (my nape is continuing to fill out quite nicely)

12) Stay on track with my vitamins and water intake! (work in progress)

I think I've been staying on track so far, which is surprising considering I had both moisture and protein overload within the last 6 months. Happy for the progress I've made, and looking forward to the progress to come!


  1. Great to see you are keeping up with your goals. I may have to steal this post idea. Looking forward to seeing more progress.

    1. I'm glad I did it, in checking in I realized that I hadnt applied jbco to my scalp at all for this yr. Something I didn't think I would have needed reminding about so didnt even include on my original list of goals, smh. Anyways, I'll be looking out for your 'checking in' post :)

  2. I'm happy for anyone that can keep track of their goals and actually follow up with them. Congradulations and I'm certain you'll be able to check off every goal on the list in due time :)

    And we are similar, I don't need much protain either. But I have a protein based DC (Cholestoral) and I typically use that the week before my relaxers. As my leave-in, I use Aphogee Reconstructoriser(?) and it's great! Adds potein AND moiture!

    Anyway, good luck on your future goals! Have a blessed day :)

    1. Thnx! :) All the best with your HHJ as well! Will be keeping my readers posted on my protein situation, and whether or not my scaled back reggie wrks out.