Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Coming Soon

So in keeping with my previous posts on my hair boredom, I have decided that in addition to my clip ins and twistouts I now want to add braid extensions into the mix. I have NEVER in my life worn these before...due to my hang ups over fake hair/ other people's hair being on my head lol. I'm pretty much over that now. I was torn between senegalese twists and kinky twists but after much googling and youtube vids the senegalese won out.

Senegalese Twists With Curled Ends

Senegalese Twists With Straight Ends

My hair plan for the next few months will be to continue alternating my twist outs, flexi sets and roller sets until my prospective graduation date. If I do graduate in May I will flat iron my roots since I'll be 10 weeks post, then put the senegelese braids in after my graduation weekend. If I don't graduate -_- I'll just skip the heat pass and do the twists around that same time. The idea is to wear these twists for at least 6 weeks, then relax. This means I should relax at about 19 weeks post. This way I stretch longer with low manipulation so breakage is reduced, as well as I get to switch things up and ease my hair boredom. The most helpful video I found so far is embedded below.

The process looks simple enough. Before I started relaxing my hair I wore it in box braids and two strand twists that I did myself so I do have some practice with this type of hairstyle. The prospect of getting these has me really looking forward to May! I hope I can hold out on putting them in before then.

(All images taken from Google Search Results)


  1. Can't wait to see them when May rolls around.

    I loved my kinky twists when I installed them twice last year. They are so easy to manage. I got goo growth out of having them in.


  2. From what I've read they do seem easy to manage, I'm just a little worried that they may start slipping after I wash them, especially if i'm doing them myself lol.