Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hair Blather

Just an update on what's been going on with my hurr!

1) I couldnt enter the rollerset competition because I apparently left the battery charger for my camera at Trinidad :S. And of course the camera died on me as soon as I started taking pics of my last roller set. O well....I'm coming for you guys on the next challenge!

2) Speaking of rollersets... the last 2 I did have been the best ever! I started putting in my rollers in the 'backwards method' which wrked wonders on my puffy new growth and I've also been using this Nexxus spray as a second leave in. It contains cones but dare I say my hair seems to like products with cones so I am not too concerned about that. More on my wash day in the next post.

3) I think my protein overload is pretty much over. I'm still seeing a couple broken hairs every now and again but its nowhere as bad as say about 10 days ago. I inspected my ends after my last rollerset and it seems like I don't have a setback (thankfully) but I will know for sure after my next relaxer

4) My next relaxer is a little over a week away and its soooooo hard to resist the urge to relax right now! I have to keep reminding myself that if I relax before that 10 week mark I will be screwing with my 'dont-relax-til-graduation-plans'. I timed my relaxers so I would relax at 10 weeks post in time for Carnival and then at 11 weeks post for graduation in May.

5)Speaking of Carnival, I ordered my clip ins

I know they won't be the most luxurious based on the price but I'm hoping that they are a good enough quality to serve their 2-day purpose.

6)Picnik is free til April guys! If you ever wanted to make a hair collage, fancy up your current hair pics, or make photo projects for non hair purposes now is the time. I used picnik for most of the pics on my blog, its great for putting in borders, watermarks, blurred out faces etc and i also used it for the current banner I have at the top of the blog.

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