Saturday, February 18, 2012

Quick Update

Didn't plan to do one til I relaxed again, but i got my hair flat ironed as part of my carnival prep so I figured why not.

The front is pinned up in pincurls...and my hemline is slightly tilted b/c i'm holding the camera but I got about an inch since my Dec trim. Again using my mole as a marker, you an see the diff in the comparison pics below. 

I've been wearing my hair dwn since I've been home, and it feels pretty surreal that my hair is brushing against and between my shoulder blades.... I do need a little trim..prob due to all the ends that snapped off after my protein overload but nothing a dusting won't fix. However i left my shears in DC so that'll have to wait til I get back. 

Sidenote: Looking at these pics made me realize that i wear my bra really really BSL looks like its also my MBL :S

Thats all for now folks, about to head out to another party, more detailed posting on my salon experience will be coming soon!


  1. Your hair looks GORGE!!!!!! I too am in my growth phase! I hope mine will look as healthy!

  2. Hey Rana, it looks great! Really healthy and I am so jealous of your thickness. My BSL is also MBL. I think it is usually like that when you are tall.

  3. Your hair looks great!!! Love the fullness! Do you texlax?

    1. I do have a large portion of hair, about 4 inches or so of the top half of my hair that was accidentally texlaxed but I switched to lye relaxers and now my hair gets relaxed pretty straight.

  4. Your hair looks awesome! And your ends! I love it!