Saturday, February 4, 2012


Bored with my hair....and suffering from hair-orexia. I am well aware that my hair is longer than its been in years, but I still think it isn't long enough. I was supposed to be full APL by now :(

I relaxed today, as my texlaxed edges were irritating the heck out of me and I definitely had less growth in these 9 weeks that I did the last time I relaxed, which was at 6 weeks post. I have only myself to blame as I slacked off on my vitamins, my castor oil AND my water intake.

About to go watch some 'hair porn' (youtube hair videos) to try and get myself out of this funk.


  1. Hi Rana....Don't feel bad. You will be at your desired length before you know. You just have to be patient with your hair. The work you put in will pay of with consistency. Hope you feel better=)

  2. I completely empathize with EVERYTHING you said. Try a new style to get you out of your rut. And also, for me I decided to not length check for longer periods of time so that I could enjoy my hair a little bit more and take the focus off length. May not work for everybody but I am so much more excited about my hair now.

  3. LOL @ the hair porn joke! But seriously, don't worry about the length. Just keep it healthy. :-)

  4. Thnx so much for the support guys!! I think I have a game plan to take my mind off length checking. Chk out my new post for details.