Sunday, February 12, 2012

Still having breakage! Advice sought!

So I thought my protein overload breakage was over. I did the wet hair strand test and although my hair could still do with a little more elasticity it no longer snaps right away. Also I've been having a lot less breakage when combing or manipulating it when dry.

Usually I wash my hair every 5 days or so, 5 days if I've been working out and every 7 days if I havent. When I go longer than 5 days it becomes necessary for me to m&s. Friday night while m&s-ing my ends I started to see breakage, breakage that was coming from the ends of my hair only. When I manipulated my hair the next day this breakage didn't happen, not even if I pulled on my ends. However when I applied moisturizer to them again....I again immediately started seeing little broken off pieces.

So now I'm it possible that i'm having moisture overload on the ends of my hair only? While the rest of the hair strand is apparently balanced? It seems to be the only logical answer....I think if it was protein overload the moisturizing would do my ends good not cause them to practically melt off the end of my hair strand.

Any advice? Opinions?

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