Saturday, February 25, 2012

Twist Out with Perm Rods: First Try

After all the running around of the last week or so I really did not feel like sitting under my mother's ancient dryer for hours with a roller set, so I decided to try a twist out. I deep conditioned my hair with ORS for about 2 hrs without heat (i fell asleep), then detangled under the shower with V05 moisture milks. I also applied some Roux Porosity control. I really need to take a moment and say how much better my hair feels when I use ORS compared to Humectress. ORS is really everything my hair needs and more! I used ORS HAIRepair Anti Breakage Creme as my leave in and let my hair air dry a bit before putting in the twists. I didn't do proper parts, just sectioned hair at random, twisted and placed perm rods on the ends. I let them dry overnight (they were suprisingly easy to sleep with) and took them down in the morning as I had some errands to run.

Twists with perm rods still in

Twists after Takedown

It was then that I realized I had made two mistakes, 1 was that when I ran out of hair while doing a twist I would split the bigger section of the twist into two so that I could finish the twist. This caused tangles during takedown and I lost a little hair (see below). In retrospect I should have either redid the entire twist and split the section of hair more evenly, or just stopped twisting at that point and applied the perm rod. I also took some of them out before they had dried properly so the curls didn't come out as defined and were a bit frizzy.

                                     Hair that I lost, not much but could have been prevented!

                           Frizzy curls at back of hair in comparison to more defined curls at front

So I decided to do a curly updo, and get some practice in for Ebony's challenge.

I LOVE how this turned out! Its a great low manipulation/protective style as I don't redo the curls every night. At night I pineapple my hair, tie my scarf around my edges only and sleep on my stomach lol. Because my hair is pinned up it doesn't brush against my clothing, and it also put a stop in my HIH Syndrome as if I were to play with the curls I would mess them up. I've also gotten a few compliments and my mom especially liked it. It was so funny when I walked past her after takedown, she was on the phone so she couldn't speak but her eyes kept following my hair around lol.

Will definitely do this style again, especially later in my stretch. Its also a great style for winter, as its way more exciting that a regular bun or ponytail but would still keep my hair up and off my coats and scarves.


  1. Turned out very pretty! I also need to try some updo's. I actually want to wear one for a black tie gala I have coming up in a few weeks. We'll see how that works.

  2. Very pretty up-do. The Twist & Curl is one of my favorite and first styles that I tried when I started taking care of my own hair. You're right also - I ALWAYS got so many compliments from RANDOM people! Enjoy.

  3. I love the updo, its perfectly unperfect! I plan on trying a braid/twist out on damp hair and sitting under my dryer to see how long it takes to dry. Because I'm with you, I always have damp pieces when I allow it to airdry!