Friday, March 30, 2012

Checking in!

Hi all,
did not realize it had already been over 2 weeks since my last blog! This month was one of those where my personal life just took over, so I had to take a break from blogging for awhile.

I have not been doing that much to my hair, I still wash and dc weekly and rollerset, however I have made a few small changes to my regimen.

Regimen Change #1
Prior to my hair journey when I shampooed my hair I used my fingertips and fingernails to really scrub my scalp good. After joining hairlista I realized that using my nails could be damaging to my hair and I stopped that practice, but I found that I had more issues with product build up, particularly as I was incorporating more oils and heavier conditioners into my regimen. Last night I had the bright idea to use my scalp massager to really loosen up any buildup from the conditioner and it worked! I gave myself a (vigorous) scalp massage with it after washing out my dc, then detangled and rinsed as usual. My scalp has not felt this clean in a loooong time. So happy that I found a solution to one of the things thats been bugging me for quite some time!

Pictured above: Babybliss Scalp Massage Brush

Regimen Change #2
I have been feeling a bit uneasy about using my standing dryer on its highest heat setting. It says purple people heater on the side and thats literally what it feels like when I'm under there. Hott!! To avoid any excessive dryness I decided to only use it on its lower heat setting. Of course this means my hair takes forever to dry but I would rather spend extra time drying my hair than end up frying it and not making BSL til 2014 lol. I also try to airdry as much as possible. My last two rollersets I sat under the dryer with it on low heat for about 30 mins then went to bed and my hair was dry by the morning. Good stuff!

Regimen Change #3
I now do oil rinses a couple times a month. My hair seems to like them and they make detangling a bit easier which is great as I'm over 8 weeks post.

This is just a quick post, hopefully once everything settles down over here I'll be back to posting more regularly :)

and P.S. My ends are doing great!


  1. Using the scalp massager is a great tip!

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