Sunday, March 11, 2012

Experiencing the APL-BSL hump :(

So I got my trim yesterday. I had a decent salon experience, nothing to complain about really. She took half an inch off so imagine my dismay when i got home and realized that I STILL have some damaged ends. this means when my shears arrive on Wednesday I have some dusting to do.

I would be lying if I didn't say that I am thoroughly disheartened right now. It's mind boggling that all this damage occurred within a few weeks. I did not do a length check after she trimmed and I don't think I'll be length checking again til September. I am also revising my hair goals for this year. Forget BSL, I just want to make it to BSB. BSB is 2 inches below my APL so even if I trim 2 more inches off this year I should still get there.

I really felt like giving up yesterday, but I won't. Instead, since I am so thoroughly fed up with my hair, I will be protective styling from next week til Sptember. I ordered a half wig and will put my hair in cornrows and rock that til about 12 weeks post. Then i will be putting my senegalese twists in. I will give more details on my salon experience and the wig I bought etc soon.

O and i should also say that there seems to be no discernible reason for why my ends break off occasionally other than they are possibly brittle and or damaged/weathered from my protein and moisture overloads. Cuz when I did the strand test yesterday they 'passed' and snapped like some pretty well balanced hair. My hairdresser also stated that the damage was concentrated in the parts of my hair that were bleached. To me that sounded like i pretty much will have to do more frequent trims til I trim all the bleached ends off, which is approx 2 inches of hair.

That's all for now......


  1. I'm sorry for what's happening Rana. I'm getting disheartened, too. My hair broke off so much since last October, I swear I should be BSB by now. And no matter what I do, I cannot keep the length. I wanted to be BSB by the end of the school year, but right now I'm barely APL. I had protein overload and now my hair keeps breaking. Me and you will be on our journey to BSB together. Good luck, Rana

  2. :( sorry to hear you're experiencing breakage/setback. For me, breakage and thinning are my number one triggers for wanting to throw in the towel, instead I bun and hide my hair away, it's the best coping method for me. Good luck!

  3. Aww man!! I know it's frustrating when you're having a setback for no apparent reason!! It will pass; it sounds like you have a good plan though, I hope it gets better soon for you.

  4. Sorry to hear about your ends. Hair can be so frustrating at times. Just push through. I know you will get there.

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