Friday, March 9, 2012

Health over Length

I've been debating with myself over my ends for the last 3 weeks or so.


  • They have been looking dry and kinda scraggly of late
  • I did a search and destroy a week ago and they're still looking kinda blehhh
  • My hairdresser in trini, who is NOT scissor happy suggested a trim at my last appointment with her
  • I am 5 weeks into a potentially 6 month stretch, the majority of which i will spend in braid extensions, if I don't trim now I will be taking these raggedy ends into my stretch with me....which sounds like a recipe for disaster
  • I have not trimmed since my protein overload
  • Although the protein overload induced breakage has more or less stopped, my ends are still pretty fragile and I still experience some breakage there if I try to m & s
  • I still have some bleached hair near my ends and whenever I have a set back they show the damage twice as much as my regular non bleached ends

Plus I can't STAND raggedy ends. V shape ...I can live with and actually kinda miss it, uneven ends...that I can live with too. But these raggedy refuse to recuperate no matter how much conditioner or moisturizer I slather on them ends...yeh...they gots to go.

So this weekend...actually probably tomorrow morning I will be going to Hair Cuttery near Dupont Circle for a wash, blow out flat iron and trim. While I'm in the US if I need a trim this is where I go, and I only go to one particular hairdresser, lets call her 'E'. She's the one who did my highlights for me in previous years and she's done all my trims ever since I first discovered her. I have not been there since the start of my HHJ but I don't think (and really hope) that I'll have a problem with her. I don't think I need to take off more than half an inch and better yet I won't miss half an inch as my msm/hair vitamins have my new growth outta this world. As in I'm 5 weeks post and feeling more like 7.

One thing that I think people miss is that if your hair is damaged yes a trim may be the instant solution, BUT it is also important to figure out what caused the damage. It makes no sense to get a trim then continue with the same practices that caused the damage in the first place. Look at what you did to your hair the weeks or even month preceding when you first noticed damage. Then look at what you've done since then and try to figure out if any of those practices could have made the damage worse. My variables right now are my protein overload, my twist outs, all the rinses I did and a new volumizing conditioner i mistakenly used instead of my regular moisturizing one. All things that happened between my last trim and when I noticed my raggedy ends. I may never be sure whether only one or the combination of a few caused the damage to my ends but I will be giving my hair a break from tall the products and styles I listed for the next few months.

Anyways, wish me luck with my trim and look out for my next salon experience blog post :)

(Post will be updated later with pics of my ends)

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