Thursday, April 5, 2012

Garlic, Shedding and The Wash Day From Hell

I recently stopped taking my garlic supplements because they've been giving me an upset stomach, even though I take them with meals. Its been a couple weeks and I didn't have any significant shedding so I thought I was in the clear...Boy was I wrong!

I try not to manipulate my hair during the week. I rarely use a comb and if I do it doesnt get near my new growth. I guess this is why I didn't realize my shedding had picked up over the last week. I also got a lil more vigorous with my scalp massager while shampooing which probably caused tangling at my roots. (My scalp is even cleaner than it was last week tho)

Everything was going fine....until it was time to detangle. My texlaxed portions acted all the way up, and I had some serious knots and tangles in that area. I had to separate my hair into 4 sections instead of my usual 2, finger detangle (which I typically dont need to do) and then use my Conair detangling comb. When I was finally able to get the comb through all shedding hell broke loose. I have not seen that much shed hair come out on a wash day since Pre-HHJ. I felt like that girl Laura from The Craft lol.

I hate 'fighting' with my hair and thats what it felt like, If my next wash day isn't any better I will be ending my stretch early and will continue to have short stretches until my texlaxed hair has grown out more. This multiple textures thing is for the birds!

Needless to say I am also back to taking my garlic supplements and if this is what I can look forward to if I ever stop....I'll be taking them for a loooong loooong time!


  1. Have u tried a garlic shampoo or conditioner?

  2. Wow, I can totaly sympathise with you when it comes to shedding and wash days from hell.

    Good to see you're keeping your sense of humour despite the traumatic wash day.

    Like Blutiful Blaq said, garlic conditioner is good for shedding.

    I recently had a nightmare shedding week. I did a chelating wash, a black tea rinse, eased up on protein and started taking supplements including odourless garlic. My shedding slowed down alot in the space of days! I can't tell you how happy I was about that.

    I relaxed at the end of the week and my shedding has stopped in it's tracks!!!

    Have you tried a black tea rinse? They will be becoming a regular element of my regimen from now on - even though I hate the mess, it's worth it juding by the results I've got.

    Good luck, I hope you manage to slow it down some. It can be really worrying.


  3. Hey guys, i havent tried garlic shampoos or conditioners or tea rinses yet, might look into these as a possibility tho, thanks for the suggestions! @T yep shedding can be traumatic lol I'm so happy mine eased up fairly quickly!