Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wash Day Diary

I am very pleased to report that my wash day experience this week was a marked improvement over last week's. I shampooed once with Head and Shoulders, then a second time with NTM Moisturizing shampoo. I used the scalp massager both times to ensure I got my scalp clean. I had experienced some breakage during the week while moisturizing, so although my hair was balanced according to the strand test I decided to make this a 'protein wash day'.

I applied Aphogee 2 min, put on a shower cap and and washed it out after about 3 mins. I then made a 50:50 mix of ORS Replenishing Conditoner and Nexxus Humectress and applied liberally to my hair. I parted my hair down the middle and applied Humectress to the inner portions of my hair. I've been babying that part of my hair of late to make up for earlier neglect.

I dc'ed with heat for about 30 mins. I used the massager again to remove any conditioner residue from my scalp then applied Umberto moisturizing conditioner to my hair and began the detangling process. I had significantly less shed hair than my last wash day which made detangling a lot easier. After detangling I rinsed my conditioner out, applied ORS moisturizer as my leave in and rollerset.

My hair feels soft yet strong and hopefully this means that when I moisturize later in the week I won't see as much breakage.

I know this post is waaay more detailed than usual but I keep switching up my products and I want a good log of what works and what doesn't. This blog doubles as my hair diary, so bear with me! :)

In other news I got exactly two senegalese twists done, then looked at the amount of hair I have on my head and decided I wasn't about that DIY braids life lol. If and when I get these twists done I will very definitely pay someone to do them. In other news I will also be ending my stretch early, so look out for my relaxer post on either Sunday or Monday!

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