Saturday, May 26, 2012

30 Day Product Junkie Rehab

A few wash days ago I wanted to use a specific product, and found myself having to check three different  storage spaces in an effort to locate it. This made me realize that my product stash was getting out of control, and I needed to find some staples and stick to them!

The Stash

From these products I decided that the V05 conditioner and Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose are both getting tossed. I explained why I preferred the Umberto conditioner to the V05 in my last post. With regard to the AOHSR although it works, I have an issue with its 'spreadability'. In comparison to my other moisturizing dc, Nexxus Humectress, AOHSR isn't as creamy so its harder for me to apply it evenly through my hair. Because of this I'm pretty sure I end up using more of the product than I should. Since the Humectress is easier to apply and pretty much gives me the same results I'll be sticking to that one. I also clearly need to keep track of how much ORS Conditioner I have so i don't go out and buy more when I have a full bottle at home lol

The Vo5 Tea Therapy shampoo is extremely drying so I'm using that and my kerapro shampoo thats not pictured to wash my makeup brushes. When I switched to ORS lye relaxer I purchased that huge green bottle of neutralizing shampoo. Since the ORS neutralizing shampoo works as a clarifying shampoo it will replace my Ion shampoo and the creamy aloe shampoo. The TRESemme moisturizing shampoo was really cheap yet works well, so I'll be switching to that once my NTM is finished.

Leave ins
My keepers here are my ORS moisturizing lotion, S Curl(my staple in the later stages of my stretches) and the ORS heat protectant. The ORS HAIRepair are both brand new and will be used in my blog giveaway next month :)

Protein Products
The only product I use regularly from here is the 2 min reconstructor. However, I will hold on to the Aphogee 2 step just in case I ever have another moisture overload.

Relaxers, Gel, Oils etc
The Hollywood Beauty castor oil got tossed in the trash, and the hot 6, coconut and jamaican black castor oils will not be repurchased. My hair is doing just fine with my sulphur/castor oil mix and extra virgin olive oil.

I will not be trying any new products over the next 30 days, so hopefully by then my stash will be halved...hopefully.

Sidenote: Do you guys like the new look of the blog? I figured it was about to be a year old so it was time for me to jazz it up a bit :)


  1. Lovin' the look of the new blog! (",)

    I did laugh when I saw all of those bottles of ORS Replenishing conditioner, as I myself have two large bottles on the go right now.

    I also agree with you regarding the spreadability issues with AOHSR. For me I got it to spread better when I mixed with Roux Porosity Control and a little grapeseed oil. I like the results from the conditioner but like you I think I use way too much because it is difficult to coat every strand of hair.

    1. Thnx! I'm still tweaking things in the blog design but it should be where i want it in time for my one year blogversary.

      I'll try your tip of mixing it with Roux Porosity control and see if that works.