Thursday, June 21, 2012

Relaxer Update #5

So much for a long stretch! After my last wash day I was tired of dealing with the two textures. Add to this the heat wave in DC this weekend, which made my head feel like all that thick new growth was suffocating it! Also, I was also told that its best to avoid chemical processes a week before and up to 2 months after having surgery, and figured to be on the safe side I should relax now and then do a 8-10 week stretch after having surgery. So here are the results of my last relaxer,

I am definitely (and finally) past APL, but I'm not sure if I can claim BSB yet....What do you guys think?

My One Year Comparison 

Feb heat pass: June relaxer comparison 
(From APL to almost BSB!)

I think I had good retention, especially since I got a half inch trim in March. My hair is also retaining its thickness, and my ends held up pretty well. My 'V' is back in full force because the hair at my front grows o so slowly. Overall I am very happy with the progress I made over the last year and am psyched that I am on track to hit BSL by the end of 2012 (barring any setbacks). 


  1. Looks great!!!! I love the fullness of your hair!! *drools*

  2. Your hair is BEAUTIFUL!



  3. Beautiful - you hair is so thick and full! Keep up the good work. You def had great retention and growth over the last year.