Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Texture Shots

I am currently 9 weeks post. The collage below shows my texture when air dried (top two pics) and when blow-dried straight (bottom pic).

Although it was an accident my texlaxed hair is starting to grow on me, and I kinda like the texture I get when I air dry. I have been doing a lot of that of late as well, as I know that I am not going to be up for rollersetting while I'm recovering from surgery. Also, since I'll be starting med school soon I needed a more no-fuss way to dry my hair as its highly likely that I will have less time for myself once school starts in the Fall.

This was just a quick 'check-in', will hopefully be back soon with a longer post :)


  1. I love the texture in your hair. I tried to texlax leaving alot of texture but it just wasn't working for me....the tangles were a complete NIGHTMARE!!!

    Have you had your surgery yet? I hope all goes well.


  2. I haven't experienced bad tangling so far *knocks wood* ...I just have to take my time when detangling later down in my stretch.

    My surgery is scheduled for Wednesday, and thank you for the well wishes!