Sunday, October 14, 2012

'Long' Hair Funnies

So I know I planned to do a post on my telogen effluvium experience, but since I can't locate those pics I'm going to talk a bit about what I've been experiencing recently

Of late, my hair has been getting a bit of attention when I wear it down, which is strange for me as I do not consider my hair to be 'long' as yet. Long for me is BSL and beyond, hair that reaches my boobies when I pull it in front lol and I am most definitely still a few inches short of that goal.

I mentioned a few posts back that I moved to Jamaica recently, and the hair experiences I've been having are so weird...and funny.

The first encounter happened in a taxi. The taxi driver refused to turn the window up and my hair was loose and blowing all over the place. I was frantically trying to keep it contained so I could stop channelling Cousin It when the guy next to me struck up a conversation. His opening lines?  'That's quite a head of hair you have there' and 'What's your genetic makeup' and 'I've never seen hair like that before'. I chalked it up to him just being a tad weird lol but then a few days later I was standing in line at my campus and felt movement in my hair. Only to turn around and realise that the girl behind me was playing in it. I was so in shock that I didn't say anything, and all she said was' I like your hair!'

Fast forward to a couple weeks later. I'm at a club, dancing with a friend, when all of a sudden I feel his hand in my hair. And when I say in my hair, dude had his hand up in my roots touching my scalp. I spun around in disbelief like 'Dude, did you just weave check me?!' to which he responded 'Yes' and laughed. No shame whatsoever! lol. His excuse was that a lot of girls seem to be wearing weave these days so he was just curious about if all that hair was mine. :S

And then the most recent one, a couple nights ago I was at a lime, speaking with a friend. Where we were standing was out on a balcony type thing that forms the passageway between the different blocks of the dorm. We were looking out over the balcony, with our backs to the passageway. Mid-convo I felt someone stroke my in the girl literally held a handful of my hair, stroked it and flipped it then said to her friend' I like her hair!'. Homegirl did this while walking by mind you, no pause involved, no acknowledgement that said hair was attached to a body, lol.

I'm really kind of taken aback at all this attention, as I honestly don't think my hair is anything special. In Trinidad my hair doesn't really attract any attention from people outside of my friends and fam who notice the length difference so all this is very new. I'm also wondering how to respond to people who randomly jus wanna flip my hair around as if i'm some type of Barbie doll..Have any of my readers experienced this? And if so how did you react?

In other news, I took a slightly clearer length check pic. Since I wanted a goal to work towards, and my BSL is essentially MBL because of how low I wear my bras I decided to arbitrarily designate a 'fake' BSL at the line where most of tank tops start in the back. Its about 2 inches away so its the perfect short term attainable goal :)

P.S. My hair isn't uneven, I was looking at the phone screen to ensure I got my entire back in the shot 


  1. Those reactions to your hair are funny but not unusual it seems! I get the same a lot now and all I can say is it must be because your hair looks so good! It doesn't matter whether it doesn't seem long to you, if it looks healthy you'll always get people trying to guess whether it's all yours!

  2. I consider your hair long! My mouth dropped open at the women who held and stroked your hair without breaking stride! Your hair is thick and healthy, definitely attention grabbing, IMO haha.

    Women have pet my hair but luckily they ask me beforehand. I don't know what I would do if someone just invaded my space like that without asking... I'm weird about personal boundaries lol.

  3. I agree with Jeni. Your hair is long IMO. I have not had this happened but I would have given them the side eye. That's extremly rude.

  4. ROFLMAO those were hilarious! Especially the dude saying "yes"!

  5. sooo basically i'm suffering from hairorexia? lol

    I'm glad you guys found my experiences funny too, I always thought i would flip if some random person touched my hair but I've been more amused than anything lol.