Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ms. Independent!

Since starting this hair journey, I have progressively become more and more self sufficient as it pertains to my hair. I went from doing my own hair only out of necessity, i.e. for the months that I was not in Trinidad, to only going to the hairdresser for trims every 5 months or so. 

My last few visits to the hairdresser weren't very relaxing, for lack of a better word. Nothing has changed in how they handle my hair, but I have become SO particular about what I do to my hair and how I do it that I was on edge for most of the salon visits. After my last visit I made the decision to start trimming my own hair, and so end my dependence on professional stylists. 

This was not an easy decision, I really had to look at the pros and cons

1. When I do my hair for myself I can use the products my hair likes, whereas my salon only uses Mizaani and customers are not allowed to use/bring their own products

2. I can be as gentle as I need to, especially when detangling. I find that detangling with conditioner in my hair under the spray from the shower works best and lets face it...there's really no way a salon could facilitate that

3. If I were to visit a hairdresser and request a deep condition or steam etc it costs more, and since a lot of hairdressers including mine are now charging by length that can get quite pricy the longer my hair gets. 

4. It really irks me when I ask for a trim that leaves my 'V' intact and end up with a blunt cut...I could have honestly been a lot closer to BSL if it wasn't for that...a very tapered BSL but BSL nonetheless lol

Really the only Pro was that I get to have someone else do my hair for a change....

Don't get me wrong, I still think that this hairdresser is the best I've ever had, but I am just not a suitable client for pretty much any hairdresser right now...unless its maybe Reniece or somebody like that who is familiar with how anal us hair journey folks can be about our hair lol. 

With that said this weekend I took the trimming plunge. Of late my ends have been feeling rough, and I knew I needed a trim. I sectioned my hair into thirds (2 in front and one large section in the back) and inspected my ends. The main culprit turned out to be the section of hair at my crown. As seen in the pic below the ends in that area were a little see through. 

Those awful ends, they had to go!

I am not sure if maybe because that section doesn't reach my hemline it escaped getting trimmed at my last salon visit, or if its because the ends of that section are remnants from my 'blonde' days, but one thing was for sure, they needed to go. So even though it meant cutting an inch to an inch and a half in some places I got rid of all those pesky ends. My hemline was fine so I just dusted the ends in those areas. My hair feels SO much better, it tangles less, is smooth to the touch and just looks better. More importantly, this trim, albeit a little one, marked my independence :D * Dramatic much? 

I am really pleased with myself for taking the plunge, and not being shy about doing more than my typical dusting. now keep your fingers crossed for me that I don't end up trimming my hair all uneven and raggedy looking lol. 


  1. thats sounds so weird.. that u could only use mizani in that salon lol..

    & i can totally relate to what u felt at the salon.. now that im transitioning and also taking care of my hair, im really cautious to let someone else handle it. xx

    1. Yep, I'm so gentle with my hair now that my last two visits to salons left me with a headache. I don't think they handle my hair any different that they've done in the past, but its definitely a little rougher than how I handle it.

  2. Not having to go to a salon must save you a ton of money. I'm very dependent on mine so I spend a lot of money but I love my stylist and my hair is doing well with her so it's worth it. It's funny because I'm the total opposite. I want her to cut my V off it's grown out that way. I want everything even and am willing to lose some length if need be. Trimming your own hair! Very brave.

    1. It really does, and i think my hair is healthier for it because if I did rely on a hairstylist I would def not be able to afford to pay for weekly deep conditionings etc

      My issue with her cutting the V is that I wanted to grow to my goal length first then gradually trim the V into a U shape. Plus I don't get how a small trim turns into her evening out my layers :\ I feel like when she does that it cuts off some of my progress....Its great that you have a hairstylist that works for you, i'm a lil jealous, i miss having someone else do all the work! lol