Thursday, October 18, 2012

Telogen Effluvium: My Experience

I was aware that one of the risks of having major surgery, or side effects rather, was extreme shedding. I blogged about it prior to my surgery, and did research so I would be prepared. However NOTHING prepared me for seeing literally handfuls of hair coming out on wash days! My hair was coming out in clumps guys, clumps!! I promise you I am not exaggerating, look at the pic below. That dense ball of hair is what I lost every wash day for about a month. Not to mention the random strands of hair that came out between wash days, at one point I swear a grl sitting next to me at the shuttle stop picked one of my hairs off her top *bbm facepalm* Imagine my horror when I did some more reading and discovered that telogen effluvium can last for up to 6 months! Thankfully, just when I was pretty close to perhaps busting out sobbing in the shower clutching my comb (lol) my shedding abated. At the moment it is still a little more than what I usually lose, but definitely less than what I've been losing recently, and for that I am thankful. I totally had pics of what I lost on my last wash day, but accidentally deleted them :S will take more next time.

 Strangely enough the thickness of my hair is pretty much the same it was pre-surgery. I noticed that my hair was unusually thick the first couple months after surgery, so I believe that what I shed was the 'extra' hair giving me a end result of what I'm used to. I'm just relieved that this did not turn into a setback, as for awhile it was looking pretty dire. Now that this is over I'm back to focusing on other stuff like perfecting braidouts, my current hair wants (my next blog post), and retaining the three inches that stand between me and 'real' BSL. :)


  1. Rana, I am so happy that your increased shedding did not result in a setback. I know you were really concerned about it prior to your surgery. Btw, your hair looked great in your last post!

  2. It's great when you prepare for the worst and then it turns out not to be THAT bad? Congrats on NO setback! Woot!