Sunday, November 18, 2012


I realised that although I have pincurls listed in my regimen as my go to sleeping style for my hair I don't think I ever posted how they look or what my hair looks like after takedown. I typically do about 7 pincurls. Three in the front - one on either side plus one up top for my 'side bangs' and then four in the back.

I usually get more of a curl from them but because my hair was flat-ironed on my last wash day I just got a little bounce and a curl at the very ends of my hair.

Pincurls are definitely my preference over wrapping. Its more low manipulation for me as I can do the curls with my fingers while wrapping requires the use of a comb and/or brush. Plus as I've stated a few times before I'm not really a fan of straight hair, I prefer my hair with a little wave to it :)

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