Monday, November 5, 2012

Random Hair Thoughts

Now that I'm past APL, and coming up on BSL/MBL territory I thought it was time for me to re-evaluate my hair regimen, products, utensils etc.

 My combs and brushes have served me well, but as my hair gets longer and my ends get older I've been thinking of ways to pre-emptively prevent damage.

Hair tools 
1) I want to purchase a couple Hercules Sageman combs, and possibly a brush as well. As much as I adore my Conair detangling comb I really think its about time I upgrade. I toyed with the idea of sanding down the seams in my Conair comb, but felt that I may do more harm than good with that idea, as I am really not a good DIY person lol

2) I also want a steamer, but probably will not be able to purchase it until mid of a broke college student :(

Hair products
1) I made a recent addition to my product stash of Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter Moisturiser. I was tired of walking around with frizzy messy edges the later I got into my stretch. Lemme tell ya'll something, a spritz of jheri curl juice, followed by some Elasta QP slicked the heck out of my edges! And they stayed moisturised and tamed all day!! Good stuff!

2) I will also possibly be making a switch in my detangling conditioner from Vo5 moisture milks to Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisturising Conditioner. I am trying to cut my BSS visits down and that Vo5 bottle is just to teeny to last me longer than a month.

3) I wanted to change my moisturiser for some time now, as I was hoping I could find one that works for me and doesn't contain mineral oil or cones...but that hasn't really worked out. I tried m&s-ing with care free curl and Hot 6 Oil and almost ended up with moisture overload. I also tried a few other more 'wet' moisturisers like Kids Organics Shea Moisturiser and my hair hated it. IDK but for some reason that heavy ORS moisturiser is what my hair loves so guess I'll be sticking with it!

Hair Regimen

1) I have started using heat protectant on my rollersets just to be on the safe side. After putting the rollers in I just lightly spray my hair so that the sections that are on the outside of the rollers and therefore getting the full blast of heat are protected

2) Limiting the number of times I use a comb during the week. Ever since Jen blogged about not using a comb outside of wash days I decided I would try this and decrease my manipulation. So far....I've been failing miserably lol. The only time I really give the comb a break is later in my stretch, at 7 weeks post and beyond when I don't want to tug too much on my hair and cause breakage at the line of demarcation.

3) My scalp issues are more or less resolved, as I realised that a lot of it came from product buildup, and not dandruff. I really really want to wean myself off the Head and Shoulders shampoo as it is extremely drying. For the next couple months I will be alternating with using diluted H&S, and using the full strength one every other week. Whichever technique that manages to take me through the week with no itchies is what I'll stick with.

That's all for now!


  1. Get the HS combs! I never thought they would make a difference, but they really do!

  2. I think I will! hopefully I'll be able to purchase a few by February