Sunday, November 4, 2012

Relaxer Update!

So for various reasons I decided to call my 16 week stretch to a halt at 10 weeks post.

My shedding was causing some serious detangling issues, while I also had a run in with some diluted acv that caused severe dryness and breakage at my crown. (used it to fix my itchy scalp since I couldn't wash my hair while Hurricane Sandy was here)

Products Used

 I did a Aphogee 2 min treatment on my last wash day so this was perfect timing.

1. I applied coconut oil to my ends and the length of my hair to protect it from the relaxer run off. I sectioned my hair into quadrants, pre-parted and did 2 strand twists in smaller sections to make the relaxer application time shorter.

2. I used my staple ORS lye relaxer and left it in for about  20 mins. 

3. I rinsed the relaxer out with water first then did 3 shampoos with the neutralizer. I let the second shampoo sit for about 3 mins to ensure that the relaxer was thoroughly neutralised.

4. I deep conditioned with a mix of about 60% AOHSR and 40% ORS Replenishing conditioner as I planned to flat iron and wanted to go heavy on moisture in my dc.

5. I dc'ed under heat for 30 mins

6. I applied VO5 Moisture Milks and Roux Porosity Control for about 30 secs (without rinsing out my dc) then detangled with my Conair detangling comb under the shower.

7. After removing the excess water I applied ORS heat protectant to my hair, blow dried and flat ironed. I added a little more heat protectant to my hair after blow drying.

* I used the brush chase method to flat iron instead of the comb chase and it worked out really well. The brush separates the strands better than the comb and allowed me to get my hair silky straight with just one pass of the flat iron.


My ponytail is getting some hang time ya'll!

I didn't trim my ends, as they look fine and I just dusted a few weeks ago. 
You can't see my bra in the pic but its about an inch away from where my hair is now so I'll be grazing BSL pretty soon *happy dance*.  


  1. Your hair looks great!
    Congrats :)

  2. Your hair looks very healthy and pretty!!!

  3. Gorgeous!!!!! You did a great job!

  4. Your hair's thickness is amazing and even with the flat ironed state, the thickness shows!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous healthy hair, nice thickness too!

  6. Thanks all!!! I can't even front, 'm pretty darn pleased with my results so far, looking forward to what 2013 has in store for my hair!

  7. Congratulations Rana! It looks fabulous.