Monday, January 30, 2012

Haircare Bloopers Tag

I was tagged by Ebony over at Longing 4 Length. so without further ado here are my top 3 haircare bloopers!

1)Not listening to my hair.
This most recently resulted in my protein overload. Silly me did a protein treatment on a 'schedule' instead of because my  hair needed it and it was disastrous! 5 washes later my hair is finally starting to recover and I have learnt my lesson (I think). Instead of trying to be so proactive with my hair i'm going to lean more on the reactive side and do treatments etc as needed

2)Double processing
I love how highlights look on me, and a couple years ago I decided to take it one step further and basically go blonde. The color looked fab BUT my hair started shedding like crazy! Every time I manipulated my hair it would literally break off in my hand. I would sweep/swiffer my bathroom floor before bed and within 24hrs it would be littered with hair again :( This was sort of a double blooper as I also wasnt deep conditioning regularly. Thankfully my hair didnt all fall off and its still nice n thick and (almost) peroxide free

3)Not speaking up (my Dec hairdresser appt)
I knew better than to let my hairdresser rake and yank thru my hair, from root to tip no less, with the blowdryer attachment. Thankfully I didnt lose a lot of hair, or suffer a setback, but I had a terrible headache for the next 24 hrs or so after my appointment. I really need to learn how to speak up for myself, before my silence costs me some hair!

That's all for now and hopefully I don't end up adding to that list this year, lol.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Opinions needed!

As mentioned before I will be participating in Trinidad Carnival this year. I have decided that I want to jazz things up a bit and get some clip in extensions. Initially my intention was to diy some clip ins but then I came across this listing.

I know synthetic hair isn't as good as human hair BUT its literally to be worn for 2 days max. So those of you who wear extensions, wigs etc....Do you think this would be a good buy?

Thanks in advance for the help guys!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Non Hair Blather

I guess it was inevitable that all this healthy hair care would eventually extend to other areas of my life....

During the first couple months of my hair journey I would wonder, if I'm doing all this for my hair...can't I also put some effort into my skin and overall fitness?

It also just so happens that I will be heading back home next month to participate in Carnival (google 'Trinidad Carnival') meaning I NEED my body to be looking good by then!

So far this is what I've been up to;

I decided to try the oil cleansing method (OCM). I have had issues with my skin for about 10 years now and nothing I've tried has worked. Not proactiv, or acne aid, or phisoderm. Last year my dermatologist prescribed retin-a and duac and told me to switch my facial cleanser to purpose. I honestly just could not afford those prescriptions so I scrapped that, but I continued to use the purpose cleanser with an occasional MUAC peel in an effort to fade my dark marks. I was still having the occasional breakout, and then I heard about oil cleansing. I started doing it about 3 days ago and so far so good. I havent had any 'sebum plugs' pop out of my face as other users described (gross i know) but my skin looks smoother and feels softer....and my pores look smaller, yaay!
Right now my routine is to do OCM at night and in the mornings wash my face with water only and tone with a acv mix. I have heard that some people get really bad breakouts about 3 weeks into doing OCM so I am still hesitant to recommend this. Check me back next month and see if I'm still raving about it lol.

I used to be anorexic looking skinny. Then college came along and somehow I ate my way from about 115 to 135 lbs. It's pretty ironic that after wanting to gain weight for most of my life, when I finally do it turns out to be 'bad' weight, as in most of it ended up on my tummy :(. So I have decided that I need to lose this fat, tone up then hopefully get bigger by building muscle. Every day for the last couple weeks I have been working out to either Jillian Micheal's 30 Day Shred or Jillian Micheal's 6 week Abs dvd. I have definitely come a long way as the first time I did the 6 week abs video I got 10 mins in and my legs gave out on me lol. I definitely have to push myself but I know its worth it...and besides I wanna look hot in my costume! (pictured below). I am also changing up my diet a bit, nothing too drastic but just small changes that I think I'll be able to keep up long term. I've started eating more fruit, reaching for low fat alternatives of my fave foods and just generally trying to eat a healthier version of my current diet. So wish me luck guys! I have 3 weeks to lose an inch off my stomach...doable?

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Protein Overload Chronicles

When o when will this shedding stop?! Since I realized that I had overdone it on my protein I have had four wash days (I wash every 4-5 days). I clarified every other wash day and dc'ed with Nexxus humectress, evoo and hot 6 oil (on my roots) under heat every wash day.

While my shedding and breakage has slowed considerably I am still seeing a few broken hairs and my strands still pretty much snap when I pull on them instead of 'stretching slightly then snapping'.

I really need this to be over, I am not trying to have to trim again any time soon! Do any of my readers have any suggestions on dealing with protein overload?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Less is More

That's my new motto for my hair regimen.

First it was moisture I have a slight protein overload...clearly my hair is trying to tell me I'm doing too much! In the earlies I stuck to my tried and true H and S shampoo, ORS conditioner and moisturizer with occasional baggying AS NEEDED and my hair was happy. Then I started experimenting and trying baggying daily, Aphogee, NTM leave in etc etc all of which my hair doesnt seem to really be feeling.

Actually let me clarify...NTM my hair clearly proven this week when I tried using it as a daily moisturizer to no avail. Aphogee....well it worked great the first time I used it, the second time not so much as evidenced by the breakage I've been seeing since my protein treatment last week. In the case of the Aphogee, and baggying (which caused my moisture overload) I think I need to take a more reactive role. I got a lil too proactive trying to do things on a schedule, instead of basing my regimen on what my hair needed. Honestly...if I had thought it through and considered how dried out my hair was over my vacay I would have known better than to do a protein treatment so soon after.

O live and you learn...

For the next week or so my regimen will be moisture based to get my hair balanced again...after which I will go back to my early bare bones regimen.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hair Blather

Just cleared my camera's memory card and found another shot of my hair post trim. Full APL I'm coming for you!!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Hair of the day...and the day before, and the day before that...

My ponytail is now a bit too long to qualify as a protective style. My ends now rub against the nape of my neck, so this has been my go to style for the last few days, a simple tucked under ponytail.

Sidenote: I only use scunci no slip elastics on my hair. They're rubbery and give good grip yet slip out easily enough when I need them to. They don't pull my hair out and my hair doesn't get caught up in them. Unlike Goody's ouchless and all those other brands I've tried, these actually work.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I love ORS and they love me too!!

Just picked up my mail and over the holidays the kind folks over at ORS sent me a sample of one of their new hair products. The HAIRepair Intense Moisture Creme seems to be an improvement on their ORS moisturizer, which is one of my staple products.

The ingredients are similar to the old ORS moisturizer and it contains petrolatum, which may be a turn off for some folks. As I mentioned a couple days ago my hair seems to love ORS moisturizer so I'm not too concerned about this moisture creme also having petrolatum.

It also came with a booklet that listed their new HAIRepair products.

I will be doing a review of this product after my next wash day, which will either be Sunday or Monday. O and I will admit I was pretty jealous of ulovemegz and all these other folks with their free samples of the new products (ulovemegz recieved and reviewed the ORS hair masque)...but now I have one too so I'm no longer a little green-eyed monster! lol

I encourage any ORS fans to go to their website and sign up for a free sample. Its a great way to try out a product without having to commit to purchasing it at full size.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 Wish List

1) Hair Steamer. I don't really care about the brand. From my research there isn't much difference between the Huetiful Steamer ($125.) and the Secura ($90.) other than price so either one works for me

2) Microfiber Towel. Just another 'baby step' to healthy hair as its gentler on hair than regular towels.

3) Hair Dryer. This has already been ordered :D I chose the Tourmaline Tools 1059 and I can't wait to see if it cuts my drying time down!

4) Caruso Steam Rollers. I was trying to convince the SO to get them for me but I don'tthink thats working lol. I may just have to bite the bullet and buy 'em myself.

5) Conair spiral curlers

6) Curlformers

7) Towel Wrap - This would come in so handy on my wash days. Since I wash my hair in the shower there's a lot of hopping in and out involved and it would be great to have this to just pull on. I'm currently on the hunt for one like the January Rollerset Challenge prize. See it in this post.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hair Blather

Sitting here with Aphogee 2 step drying on my hair so I decided to update you folks on whats been going on with my hair these last couple weeks.

My hair and I have not been getting along lately. I tried switching out my usual shampoo and leave in/daily moisturizer and she was just NOT having it.

My first switch was from head and shoulders to a 'regular' shampoo. I have been alternating between Kerapro and Motions moisturizing shampoos and I thought things were going well. Then this week my scalp started itching. I do not have dandruff so I think I may be having an allergic reaction to one of those shampoos :(

I also tried switching from ORS moisturizer to NTM Silk Leave In. My hair didn't like that either. I had to start m&s-ing everyday which is something I never had to do while using ORS. Also, my hair has less slip post-wash which makes it harder to detangle. It also hasn't been taking my rollersets properly and feels really dry. My initial problem with the ORS moisturizer was that if I used I between wash days it made my hair go from not moisturized to feeling heavy/coated. However, in light of the absolute failure of NTm as my leave in I have decided to switch back to ORS and see if the NTM can be used for moisturizing between wash days.

Otherwise all is well with my hair and I'm working on staying on track with my vitamins, dc-ing, protective styling and protein-moisture balance. I wanna be grazing BSB after my next relaxer which will be done at 10 weeks post.

I'm also back from my vaction so I'll be posting more regularly now :)