Friday, March 30, 2012

Checking in!

Hi all,
did not realize it had already been over 2 weeks since my last blog! This month was one of those where my personal life just took over, so I had to take a break from blogging for awhile.

I have not been doing that much to my hair, I still wash and dc weekly and rollerset, however I have made a few small changes to my regimen.

Regimen Change #1
Prior to my hair journey when I shampooed my hair I used my fingertips and fingernails to really scrub my scalp good. After joining hairlista I realized that using my nails could be damaging to my hair and I stopped that practice, but I found that I had more issues with product build up, particularly as I was incorporating more oils and heavier conditioners into my regimen. Last night I had the bright idea to use my scalp massager to really loosen up any buildup from the conditioner and it worked! I gave myself a (vigorous) scalp massage with it after washing out my dc, then detangled and rinsed as usual. My scalp has not felt this clean in a loooong time. So happy that I found a solution to one of the things thats been bugging me for quite some time!

Pictured above: Babybliss Scalp Massage Brush

Regimen Change #2
I have been feeling a bit uneasy about using my standing dryer on its highest heat setting. It says purple people heater on the side and thats literally what it feels like when I'm under there. Hott!! To avoid any excessive dryness I decided to only use it on its lower heat setting. Of course this means my hair takes forever to dry but I would rather spend extra time drying my hair than end up frying it and not making BSL til 2014 lol. I also try to airdry as much as possible. My last two rollersets I sat under the dryer with it on low heat for about 30 mins then went to bed and my hair was dry by the morning. Good stuff!

Regimen Change #3
I now do oil rinses a couple times a month. My hair seems to like them and they make detangling a bit easier which is great as I'm over 8 weeks post.

This is just a quick post, hopefully once everything settles down over here I'll be back to posting more regularly :)

and P.S. My ends are doing great!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Hey guys,
Firstly I need to say thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. I was in a really sucky mood after that trim and reading your comments and well wishes really helped.

I haven't really examined my ends since that appointment on Saturday as part of my 'quit obsessing over my hair challenge'. Today was wash day and I tried to boost my moisture by doing a pre-dc oil rinse and dcing with Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose which is a moisturizing deep conditioner. I didn't have time to do a dusting today, but based on what I saw when I took my rollerset down my ends look much better.

In other news Sabina by Outre arrived today! But I had to send her back because the 1B is waaaay too dark and looks pretty wiggy on me. My second half wig, Yasmine by Outre should be here by tomorrow, and I'm pretty excited! I am 6 weeks post and between my new growth and under-processed roots things are getting pretty unruly up top, so I'm looking forward to wigging it up for the next month or so.

That brings me to another issue. I don't know how you girls do it but I cannot deal with this texlaxed business. Since the beginning of my HHJ I have unintentionally underprocessed my hair with every relaxer. I FINALLY realized what the culprit was, when I spray my oil sheen on my scalp as a base it gets on my roots and slows down the relaxer process. Now that I know this my next relaxer should hopefully 'take' properly as well as hopefully my underprocessed areas from my last relaxer will also be fully processed. I really don't like that unless my hair has literally just been relaxed or has been blown out and flat ironed my 'true length' doesn't show. Also it looks poofy even if I do a rollerset/saran wrap.

Thats all for now!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Experiencing the APL-BSL hump :(

So I got my trim yesterday. I had a decent salon experience, nothing to complain about really. She took half an inch off so imagine my dismay when i got home and realized that I STILL have some damaged ends. this means when my shears arrive on Wednesday I have some dusting to do.

I would be lying if I didn't say that I am thoroughly disheartened right now. It's mind boggling that all this damage occurred within a few weeks. I did not do a length check after she trimmed and I don't think I'll be length checking again til September. I am also revising my hair goals for this year. Forget BSL, I just want to make it to BSB. BSB is 2 inches below my APL so even if I trim 2 more inches off this year I should still get there.

I really felt like giving up yesterday, but I won't. Instead, since I am so thoroughly fed up with my hair, I will be protective styling from next week til Sptember. I ordered a half wig and will put my hair in cornrows and rock that til about 12 weeks post. Then i will be putting my senegalese twists in. I will give more details on my salon experience and the wig I bought etc soon.

O and i should also say that there seems to be no discernible reason for why my ends break off occasionally other than they are possibly brittle and or damaged/weathered from my protein and moisture overloads. Cuz when I did the strand test yesterday they 'passed' and snapped like some pretty well balanced hair. My hairdresser also stated that the damage was concentrated in the parts of my hair that were bleached. To me that sounded like i pretty much will have to do more frequent trims til I trim all the bleached ends off, which is approx 2 inches of hair.

That's all for now......

Friday, March 9, 2012

Health over Length

I've been debating with myself over my ends for the last 3 weeks or so.


  • They have been looking dry and kinda scraggly of late
  • I did a search and destroy a week ago and they're still looking kinda blehhh
  • My hairdresser in trini, who is NOT scissor happy suggested a trim at my last appointment with her
  • I am 5 weeks into a potentially 6 month stretch, the majority of which i will spend in braid extensions, if I don't trim now I will be taking these raggedy ends into my stretch with me....which sounds like a recipe for disaster
  • I have not trimmed since my protein overload
  • Although the protein overload induced breakage has more or less stopped, my ends are still pretty fragile and I still experience some breakage there if I try to m & s
  • I still have some bleached hair near my ends and whenever I have a set back they show the damage twice as much as my regular non bleached ends

Plus I can't STAND raggedy ends. V shape ...I can live with and actually kinda miss it, uneven ends...that I can live with too. But these raggedy refuse to recuperate no matter how much conditioner or moisturizer I slather on them ends...yeh...they gots to go.

So this weekend...actually probably tomorrow morning I will be going to Hair Cuttery near Dupont Circle for a wash, blow out flat iron and trim. While I'm in the US if I need a trim this is where I go, and I only go to one particular hairdresser, lets call her 'E'. She's the one who did my highlights for me in previous years and she's done all my trims ever since I first discovered her. I have not been there since the start of my HHJ but I don't think (and really hope) that I'll have a problem with her. I don't think I need to take off more than half an inch and better yet I won't miss half an inch as my msm/hair vitamins have my new growth outta this world. As in I'm 5 weeks post and feeling more like 7.

One thing that I think people miss is that if your hair is damaged yes a trim may be the instant solution, BUT it is also important to figure out what caused the damage. It makes no sense to get a trim then continue with the same practices that caused the damage in the first place. Look at what you did to your hair the weeks or even month preceding when you first noticed damage. Then look at what you've done since then and try to figure out if any of those practices could have made the damage worse. My variables right now are my protein overload, my twist outs, all the rinses I did and a new volumizing conditioner i mistakenly used instead of my regular moisturizing one. All things that happened between my last trim and when I noticed my raggedy ends. I may never be sure whether only one or the combination of a few caused the damage to my ends but I will be giving my hair a break from tall the products and styles I listed for the next few months.

Anyways, wish me luck with my trim and look out for my next salon experience blog post :)

(Post will be updated later with pics of my ends)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Note to Self right now, some of your ends will look raggedy post wash day because
a) you didn't lay your hair on the rollers properly
b) while setting you sprayed with too much water, got your hair dripping wet and literally washed your leave in moisturizer out -_-

So self,
Calm down, put the scissors away, keep up the baggying and m&s and wait til your next heat pass/blowout before you go all buck wild trimming ends that don't need to be cut!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

For those box braid lovers out there...

In the midst of my googling for senegalese twist videos and pics I stumbled across this wonderful blog (tumblr). Its called I Love Box Braids! and it features senegalese twists, kinky twists, invisible braids, yarn braids etc. If you want to be featured on the blog you just submit pics of yourself wearing braids.

I just love the length of the braids in the last pic....but its probably super heavy!

(All pics taken from the box braids blog, found via google search)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Whats Up With My Hair?

Just a quick post on what I've been up to lately,

  • I'm back to applying JBCO to my scalp twice a week
  • I have decided to try NJoy'S sulphur growth aid mix, see thread on her progress here  and am currently waiting for my supplies to be delivered.
  • I bought my braiding hair (100 % kanekelon) and have been practicing my braiding technique. I'm already seeing improvement so by the time May rolls around I should be able to put my braid extensions in and have them look presentable.

O and I totally forgot to tell you guys my weave check story. So I was at a party and one of my friends that I hadn't seen in a looong time came up to me and started complimenting my hair.

She starts in with 'OMG! Your hair looks so good!"
 Flattered, I begin replying with "Aww thnx! I've been taking care of it and..." trails off as I hear           the rest of what she's saying which was,

"So what grease you've been using girl as she starts laughing"
Now thats a joke we use in trini when people put in weave or any other types of extensions. You tease the person by asking them what grease etc they've been using that has their hair growing so fast. I didn't take offense at it, I found it funny to be honest. but I did tell her it was all mine and to 'weave chk it grl!' lol! (which she did)

I find it hilarious that I'm only APL and got my first weave check, what's gonna happen when I hit BSL and MBL?
Anyways I just wanted to share that incident.

P.S. I'm working on my thesis at the moment so I may not be blogging as often for the next couple months.