Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wash Day Diary

I am very pleased to report that my wash day experience this week was a marked improvement over last week's. I shampooed once with Head and Shoulders, then a second time with NTM Moisturizing shampoo. I used the scalp massager both times to ensure I got my scalp clean. I had experienced some breakage during the week while moisturizing, so although my hair was balanced according to the strand test I decided to make this a 'protein wash day'.

I applied Aphogee 2 min, put on a shower cap and and washed it out after about 3 mins. I then made a 50:50 mix of ORS Replenishing Conditoner and Nexxus Humectress and applied liberally to my hair. I parted my hair down the middle and applied Humectress to the inner portions of my hair. I've been babying that part of my hair of late to make up for earlier neglect.

I dc'ed with heat for about 30 mins. I used the massager again to remove any conditioner residue from my scalp then applied Umberto moisturizing conditioner to my hair and began the detangling process. I had significantly less shed hair than my last wash day which made detangling a lot easier. After detangling I rinsed my conditioner out, applied ORS moisturizer as my leave in and rollerset.

My hair feels soft yet strong and hopefully this means that when I moisturize later in the week I won't see as much breakage.

I know this post is waaay more detailed than usual but I keep switching up my products and I want a good log of what works and what doesn't. This blog doubles as my hair diary, so bear with me! :)

In other news I got exactly two senegalese twists done, then looked at the amount of hair I have on my head and decided I wasn't about that DIY braids life lol. If and when I get these twists done I will very definitely pay someone to do them. In other news I will also be ending my stretch early, so look out for my relaxer post on either Sunday or Monday!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Garlic, Shedding and The Wash Day From Hell

I recently stopped taking my garlic supplements because they've been giving me an upset stomach, even though I take them with meals. Its been a couple weeks and I didn't have any significant shedding so I thought I was in the clear...Boy was I wrong!

I try not to manipulate my hair during the week. I rarely use a comb and if I do it doesnt get near my new growth. I guess this is why I didn't realize my shedding had picked up over the last week. I also got a lil more vigorous with my scalp massager while shampooing which probably caused tangling at my roots. (My scalp is even cleaner than it was last week tho)

Everything was going fine....until it was time to detangle. My texlaxed portions acted all the way up, and I had some serious knots and tangles in that area. I had to separate my hair into 4 sections instead of my usual 2, finger detangle (which I typically dont need to do) and then use my Conair detangling comb. When I was finally able to get the comb through all shedding hell broke loose. I have not seen that much shed hair come out on a wash day since Pre-HHJ. I felt like that girl Laura from The Craft lol.

I hate 'fighting' with my hair and thats what it felt like, If my next wash day isn't any better I will be ending my stretch early and will continue to have short stretches until my texlaxed hair has grown out more. This multiple textures thing is for the birds!

Needless to say I am also back to taking my garlic supplements and if this is what I can look forward to if I ever stop....I'll be taking them for a loooong loooong time!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March Recap, April Goals

I slacked off a lot last month. I stopped applying my growth aid, hardly took my vitamins, slacked off on my water intake, did not excercise at all and picked back up my soda habit.

This month will be all about redeeming myself!

I will
1) Apply growth aid the night before my wash day. I didnt like the smell of the sulphur so I figure this way I can just apply it at night and wash it off in the morning.

2)Up my water intake and limit myself to one soda a week...seems like when I try to quit with the ginger ale cold turkey it never works so this time I'll try to ease myself into it.

3)Start back working out, at least 3 times a week

4)Take my vitamins every day

 It got chilly in DC right after Spring Break so I'm back to keeping my hair up and away from my cardigans and coats. Its beginning to seem like by the time the warm weather rolls around I would already have my braids installed so I'm also trying to come up with ways of jazzing up my protective styles in the meantime. Got a pretty nifty idea from another blog so look out for it in my next post :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Looking back....

Went out last night and wore my hair down for the first time in.....well quite sometime. While I loved how thick and 'happy' my hair looked I felt as if I couldnt see much difference between my hair now and my hair about a yr ago when I had just started my journey. In my defense, the true length of my hair is only really visible when its dead straight, and I very rarely wear my hair like that. I don't think straight hair suits me and I prefer to pincurl it loosely so I get a bit of a 'body wave'. I love how it looks, but it is pretty deceptive and makes me think my hair is shorter than it really is.
Then I looked at pics from last year and wow...I felt dumb lol. My hair has clearly flourished over the last year. Looking back, I can't believe I thought that my hair was healthy, compared to this mane I've been sporting of late my 'old' hair was kinda blahhh. See for yourself....

(Please note that these pics werent designated 'blog pics' so excuse all the somewhat awkward cropping, can't be putting my friends' faces all over the net n whatnot)

Pre HHJ pics - These were both taken in March 2011.  

Post HHJ pics - The pic on the left is from July 2011, about a month into my HHJ.  The pic on the right (lace dress) is from last Saturday.

So happy I took my time to go through my old pics, because this comparison really made it hit home. I'm looking at these pics and just thinking wow...I LOVE My (current) Hair! If there ever was a lesson about the importance of taking pics throughout your journey, this would be it. Now excuse me while I go pat myself on the back for getting my hair this far lol