Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ms. Independent!

Since starting this hair journey, I have progressively become more and more self sufficient as it pertains to my hair. I went from doing my own hair only out of necessity, i.e. for the months that I was not in Trinidad, to only going to the hairdresser for trims every 5 months or so. 

My last few visits to the hairdresser weren't very relaxing, for lack of a better word. Nothing has changed in how they handle my hair, but I have become SO particular about what I do to my hair and how I do it that I was on edge for most of the salon visits. After my last visit I made the decision to start trimming my own hair, and so end my dependence on professional stylists. 

This was not an easy decision, I really had to look at the pros and cons

1. When I do my hair for myself I can use the products my hair likes, whereas my salon only uses Mizaani and customers are not allowed to use/bring their own products

2. I can be as gentle as I need to, especially when detangling. I find that detangling with conditioner in my hair under the spray from the shower works best and lets face it...there's really no way a salon could facilitate that

3. If I were to visit a hairdresser and request a deep condition or steam etc it costs more, and since a lot of hairdressers including mine are now charging by length that can get quite pricy the longer my hair gets. 

4. It really irks me when I ask for a trim that leaves my 'V' intact and end up with a blunt cut...I could have honestly been a lot closer to BSL if it wasn't for that...a very tapered BSL but BSL nonetheless lol

Really the only Pro was that I get to have someone else do my hair for a change....

Don't get me wrong, I still think that this hairdresser is the best I've ever had, but I am just not a suitable client for pretty much any hairdresser right now...unless its maybe Reniece or somebody like that who is familiar with how anal us hair journey folks can be about our hair lol. 

With that said this weekend I took the trimming plunge. Of late my ends have been feeling rough, and I knew I needed a trim. I sectioned my hair into thirds (2 in front and one large section in the back) and inspected my ends. The main culprit turned out to be the section of hair at my crown. As seen in the pic below the ends in that area were a little see through. 

Those awful ends, they had to go!

I am not sure if maybe because that section doesn't reach my hemline it escaped getting trimmed at my last salon visit, or if its because the ends of that section are remnants from my 'blonde' days, but one thing was for sure, they needed to go. So even though it meant cutting an inch to an inch and a half in some places I got rid of all those pesky ends. My hemline was fine so I just dusted the ends in those areas. My hair feels SO much better, it tangles less, is smooth to the touch and just looks better. More importantly, this trim, albeit a little one, marked my independence :D * Dramatic much? 

I am really pleased with myself for taking the plunge, and not being shy about doing more than my typical dusting. now keep your fingers crossed for me that I don't end up trimming my hair all uneven and raggedy looking lol. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Telogen Effluvium: My Experience

I was aware that one of the risks of having major surgery, or side effects rather, was extreme shedding. I blogged about it prior to my surgery, and did research so I would be prepared. However NOTHING prepared me for seeing literally handfuls of hair coming out on wash days! My hair was coming out in clumps guys, clumps!! I promise you I am not exaggerating, look at the pic below. That dense ball of hair is what I lost every wash day for about a month. Not to mention the random strands of hair that came out between wash days, at one point I swear a grl sitting next to me at the shuttle stop picked one of my hairs off her top *bbm facepalm* Imagine my horror when I did some more reading and discovered that telogen effluvium can last for up to 6 months! Thankfully, just when I was pretty close to perhaps busting out sobbing in the shower clutching my comb (lol) my shedding abated. At the moment it is still a little more than what I usually lose, but definitely less than what I've been losing recently, and for that I am thankful. I totally had pics of what I lost on my last wash day, but accidentally deleted them :S will take more next time.

 Strangely enough the thickness of my hair is pretty much the same it was pre-surgery. I noticed that my hair was unusually thick the first couple months after surgery, so I believe that what I shed was the 'extra' hair giving me a end result of what I'm used to. I'm just relieved that this did not turn into a setback, as for awhile it was looking pretty dire. Now that this is over I'm back to focusing on other stuff like perfecting braidouts, my current hair wants (my next blog post), and retaining the three inches that stand between me and 'real' BSL. :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

'Long' Hair Funnies

So I know I planned to do a post on my telogen effluvium experience, but since I can't locate those pics I'm going to talk a bit about what I've been experiencing recently

Of late, my hair has been getting a bit of attention when I wear it down, which is strange for me as I do not consider my hair to be 'long' as yet. Long for me is BSL and beyond, hair that reaches my boobies when I pull it in front lol and I am most definitely still a few inches short of that goal.

I mentioned a few posts back that I moved to Jamaica recently, and the hair experiences I've been having are so weird...and funny.

The first encounter happened in a taxi. The taxi driver refused to turn the window up and my hair was loose and blowing all over the place. I was frantically trying to keep it contained so I could stop channelling Cousin It when the guy next to me struck up a conversation. His opening lines?  'That's quite a head of hair you have there' and 'What's your genetic makeup' and 'I've never seen hair like that before'. I chalked it up to him just being a tad weird lol but then a few days later I was standing in line at my campus and felt movement in my hair. Only to turn around and realise that the girl behind me was playing in it. I was so in shock that I didn't say anything, and all she said was' I like your hair!'

Fast forward to a couple weeks later. I'm at a club, dancing with a friend, when all of a sudden I feel his hand in my hair. And when I say in my hair, dude had his hand up in my roots touching my scalp. I spun around in disbelief like 'Dude, did you just weave check me?!' to which he responded 'Yes' and laughed. No shame whatsoever! lol. His excuse was that a lot of girls seem to be wearing weave these days so he was just curious about if all that hair was mine. :S

And then the most recent one, a couple nights ago I was at a lime, speaking with a friend. Where we were standing was out on a balcony type thing that forms the passageway between the different blocks of the dorm. We were looking out over the balcony, with our backs to the passageway. Mid-convo I felt someone stroke my in the girl literally held a handful of my hair, stroked it and flipped it then said to her friend' I like her hair!'. Homegirl did this while walking by mind you, no pause involved, no acknowledgement that said hair was attached to a body, lol.

I'm really kind of taken aback at all this attention, as I honestly don't think my hair is anything special. In Trinidad my hair doesn't really attract any attention from people outside of my friends and fam who notice the length difference so all this is very new. I'm also wondering how to respond to people who randomly jus wanna flip my hair around as if i'm some type of Barbie doll..Have any of my readers experienced this? And if so how did you react?

In other news, I took a slightly clearer length check pic. Since I wanted a goal to work towards, and my BSL is essentially MBL because of how low I wear my bras I decided to arbitrarily designate a 'fake' BSL at the line where most of tank tops start in the back. Its about 2 inches away so its the perfect short term attainable goal :)

P.S. My hair isn't uneven, I was looking at the phone screen to ensure I got my entire back in the shot 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sept Relaxer Update

Between my June update and this one I had one trim of about half an inch. In the pic above my hair was air drying but it looks as if I should make it to BSL after a couple more inches. Seeing as my next relaxer is scheduled for around my birthday in early Dec that gives me a stretch of about 14 weeks which should put me close to that goal. I really hope that I make it to BSL this year, BUT I am trying to stay realistic about it as right now I am dealing with telogen effluvium. I'll go into more detail in my next post but for now just know that I've been losing a LOT of hair every week :(