Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cheap ting nuh good?

Trinis have a saying. 'cheap ting nuh good, an good ting nuh cheap'. What this means is that well...if something is cheap it's going to be of poor quality. In the world of haircare, that isn't necessarily always true.

My hair's holy grail product line :)
Of late people have been asking me about my hair regimen and products, mostly the friends I grew up or went to school with as they know my hair has never been this long before. What I've been finding i that people are shocked that 1) I do my hair myself, and that 2) I mostly use Organic Root Stimulator products.

I'm not sure about the U.S. , but of late it seems that in Trinidad the new craze is to use anything with moroccan oil, argan oil or the macadamia nut oil product line. These products are of course way more expensive than my ole
faithful ORS, and are perceived to be of better quality because of this. Now please note that I am not disputing that these products probably do work well. My issue is with the misconception that cheap products do nothing for your hair just because they're cheap.

I would definitely advise anyone looking for new products, or working on their regimen to pay attention to ingredients instead of the price. Your hair might love the ingredients in the $4.99 product, and turn into straw when you use the $10.99 one. A hair journey does not have to be expensive! The only time I ever paid over $11. USD for a hair product was when I started buying the Salon size bottles of ORS shampoo and conditioner lol. So please, give your pockets a break, and try out some mid to low priced hair products. Who knows...your hair might like 'em :)
My shampoo and instant(detangling) conditioner

Note: Technique and manipulation are also key in keeping your hair healthy. E.g. if you only dc once a month...don't expect to see results as quickly as someone who dc's every week. Same goes for if you dc regularly yet detangle roughly, sleep on a cotton pillow with no satin scarf etc


  1. "I would definitely advise anyone looking for new products, or working on their regimen to pay attention to ingredients instead of the price. " I agree!!

    From the ORS line the only things I've found my hair likes is the relaxer and the replenishing conditioner. Two great buys for great prices.

    Great post!

  2. Great post~I agree with you. My hair really loves the ORS replenishing pak and the relaxer. I also love Tresemme shampoos and conditioners (used to use these a long time ago)...need to go back!

  3. The ORS line is pretty awesome. I don't like all of their things but the creamy aloe shampoo and replen condish. My fave cheapie conditioner with amazing results is Aussie Moist. Elasta QP shampoos are also amazing! I spent money on so many expensive products it was ridiculous. Now my staples are things I get from my Sally's or my local drugstore and my hair is still thriving.

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