Monday, January 7, 2013

Hair Blather

1. I have 61 followers...when did that happen?! Thank you to everyone who follows, comments, emails etc. especially since I stay droppin off the face of the blogosphere. I promise to work on my sporadic blogging this more month long breaks between posts lol

2. I am really feelin my hair these days. Now that its longer I can throw it up in a ponytail or a french braid (which is now my go-to lazy day hairstyle) and it doesn't look as blah as it did when I tried those styles at SL and APL. I thought that by now I would start to see some thinning on my ends but it has somehow remained thick from root to tip.

3.This month will make it 5 months since I last went to a hairdresser/salon. So far so good. I don't miss it as much as I thought I would, but I think that's because I was already doing everything else but major trims for myself.

4.I really need to give my ends some credit....I keep assuming that when I check them they'll be all raggedy cuz of the bleached ends but they're not. I have however started pre-pooing them with oil on my wash days just as a precaution. My ends are about 3 years old so giving them that extra TLC can't hurt.

5. My long term hair length goal when I first started this journey was Mid Back Length.....which would mean that my hair journey could be 'over' as soon as December 2013. However......Waist length is starting to look pretty appealing tho so its likely I'll try to make that goal as well. Although I must say, if I spend over an hour under the dryer with BSL hair, roller sets will probably get thrown out at that length. 2 hours under a dryer? Ain't nobody got time fo dat! lol

6. I am still experimenting with different styles and tools, and one of my faves right now is using flexi-rods. Why didn't anybody put me onto these sooner?! My airdried hair is pretty bleh compared to the swang I get from roller sets, so I've been using flexi-rods at night to get curls and waves. These things work! I am amazed at how defined the curls are, especially since no heat is involved. Look out for a proper review soon :)

That's about it for now, hope everyone's year got off to a great start!


  1. I have nominated you for a Liebster Awards Details on my blog :)

  2. aww Thanks! I'll make it my next blog post!

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