Monday, November 18, 2013

Quick Update!

Hi all!!

I've been a terrible blogger this year, but with good reason! Med school has been working me out plus I had a very demanding summer job!

I just wanted to do this reeeeeaaal quick update just so people would know I haven't fallen all the way off this hair journey. I still stick to my regimen and am determined to be at waist length within the next 6 months!

This was the length of my hair back in September before my last trim. I got a decent amount of growth and was soooo close to grazing waist length (which is where my hand is on the right) but I was not feeling my ends or that 'V' shape at all! I am a big fan of blunt cuts and healthy THICK hair from root to tip so I decided to do a big trim. 

Sidenote: I had to beg my flatmate to cut it for me, she thought I was overreacting and that my ends looked fine.

Close up of my ends.....I didn't have a lot of splits but it was just thinner than I wanted it to be. I also had some thinning on the sides, partly because they grow slower than the rest of my hair but also because I used a handbag everyday for work over the summer and it messed with my hair on the right side :(

And below is what my hair looked like after my trim. I evened out the 'V' shape into a nice blunt cut, taking off up to 2 inches in the middle. It was a little hard to trim that much, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE how my hemline looks now so it was worth it!

I am currently about 12 weeks post, since I haven't relaxed since September, so barring any setbacks I should be waist length by maybe around March. I hope this answers any questions people may have had about where I disappeared to or if i'm still on my hair journey! Trust that I'm around, I just be lurking sometimes lol


  1. I scrolled through my blog roll the other day and thought "where is Rana?" haha so this was a timely update. Your hair looks great! Those ends are so healthy!

  2. Your hair looks absolutely amazing!

  3. Welcome back! I love those ends!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  4. Your hair looks beautiful - love those ends! You've been taking good care of it :-)

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